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  • QDQ Media and get married…sort of

    QDQ Media, the Spanish subsidiary of PagesJaunesGroupe, who offers a line of web design and online marketing services especially geared at local SMBs and, a local Spanish champion for business listings and recommendations just announced an collaboration agreement, with a hefty integration, to muscle up in joint effort. The agreement makes sense for both, wherein each compliments… Read More

  • Kantox launches beta for peer to peer FX hedge transactions

    Imagine you’re a company operating out of France, getting paid for a US-based contract in dollars. Your payment isn’t due in months. By the time you get paid, the exchange rate may well take a bite out of the money you’ll actually pocket. It’s a very common problem. Kantox, who launch their beta today, aims to fix through their peer to peer FX hedge transactions… Read More

  • Red Karaoke now lets you groove on Facebook

    Red Karaoke has been around for 4 years now, when based out of Spain, two brothers Miguel Angel y Richard Díez Ferreira first opened it’s online Karaoke doors. They probably had no idea that they were onto something. The service took very quickly and grew not only for the Spanish speaking public, but English and Japanese. Today, with 2 million monthly unique visitors and 1.5… Read More

  • Sindelantal gets a €1m boost for online food delivery

    Sindelantal (meaning: without an apron), which launched a year and a half ago to tackle online restaurant take out and delivery in Spain, is announcing a €1m round from Michael Kleindl, VitaminaK and earlier investors. It follows initial funding of €300k in 2010 from well known angels Alberto Knapp, Iñaki Arrola, Rafael Garrido, Ramón Blanco, Luis Ongil and Alvaro Ortiz, among others… Read More

  • Masterbranch pockets €470k to put code at the heart of a developer's résumé

    Masterbranch, which helps employers find good developers by putting open-source code contributions at the centre of a job seeker’s résumé, has raised €470k in a second round of funding, adding to the €110k secured in 2010. The new funding comes from a group of recognized business angels out of Spain, including Marek Fodor, Carlos Domingo, Iñaki Arrola, Iñaki Ecenarro, Jesús… Read More

  • Offerum closes 2 million euro second round for international push

    Offerum, a Spanish group buying site launched exactly a year ago by Jesus Monleon and Vicente Arias, also founders of Seedrocket, has closed a second round of funding totaling a hefty €2 million. It follows an initial €500,000 investment. The new round was led by Cabiedes & Partners and includes Bonsai Venture Capital (who have invested in well-known Spanish companies such as… Read More

  • Cabiedes & Partners launch first angel fund in Spain – It's a pretty big deal!

    Anyone who is seriously involved in startups and online business in Spain can’t possibly not know who Luis Martin Cabiedes is. But for those of you who aren’t locals, Luis is a renown, serial angel investor, also known for his former position as CEO of Europa Press. He’s previously invested in and/or been involved with MyAlert, Privalia and Trovit. That said… Read More

  • Chicisimo takes on street fashion in Germany and Poland

    Chicisimo, the Spanish born social platform for fashion fanatics is planting its high heels into new markets, launching and and now available in a total of 6 markets, including US, UK, France and Spain. Girls share their own personal styles, tag brands, colors, styles. And others can discover them, interact, and find inspiration for breand new style ideas. The concept… Read More

  • Virtual conference platform preps for US, hopes to cash in on travel chaos

    It’s cold out and the flight cancelations all over Europe are getting many of us. It’s amazing how much nature can impact business. So IMASTE, Spanish startup with a “virtual exhibition” solution hopes to bank on making events actually accessible. Today they release imastebox 2.0 (demo), a public beta of a complete upgrade to their platform. The new version boasts… Read More

  • Xing waves adios to Spain… and Turkey

    Last night we received news of what today is now official: After three years in Spain, the European business social network Xing is waving goodbye and puling operations back to its German headquarters, which now becomes its sole base. The same applies in regard to Turkey. While at first glance the news may come as a surprise, many say that they saw it coming, with little activity generated… Read More

  • Leading Spanish blog network Weblogs SL integrates its own Q&A platform

    Q&A platforms are in and popping up all over the place. Weblogs SL, by far the leading Spanish blog network, has rolled out its own Q&A system, Respuestas, along the lines of Mahalo or perhaps Quora. Weblogs SL was launched in 2004 by co-founders Julio Alonso and Antonio Ortiz, and today boasts 38 vertical blogs and 15 million unique users. Read More

  • First Startup Weekend Barcelona wrap-up

    Barcelona Activa hosted its first ever Barcelona Startup Weekend, which kicked off this last Friday, meticulously organized by Ellas 2.0, a growing initiative and community dedicated to cultivating technological entrepreneurship among women in Spain. To generate the right hype, focus and motivation, Ellas 2.0 invited Isabel Arcones, founding partner of Inveready First Capital and SpainNexus… Read More

  • Citiservi, one-stop shop for local products and services, closes €1.5m round

    We covered Citiservi just over a year ago describing it as a “semantic local search” offering. Since then the company and product has evolved substantially, going through a yellow page, lead generation phase and settling as a consumer platform helping users find or discover local services and offers. Today, Citiservi has announced a new €1.5m round which includes €500,000… Read More

  • Club Santa Monicas secures €500K seed money for its private travel club

    Club Santa Monica, an invitation only travel club based out of Spain, has just secured €500K in a seed round from a number of renown local Spanish names, including Cabiedes and Partners, serial investor Alejandro Suarez and Real Madrid football player Alvaro Arbeloa, and other private investors from the travel and online sector. Cabiedes and Partners is the early stage investment group led… Read More

  • Worldreader to digitize thousands of African titles and ship out ereaders is a huge non-profit initiative, based out of Barcelona, Spain and founded by David Risher, former renown Amazon executive and Colin McElwee. It aims to use technology in order to bring “Books to All” in developing countries. Today announced another cool initiative. With the help of publishers like Ghana-based EPP, Sam Woode, and Woeli and other… Read More

  • SwiftKey comes out of public beta to rock your Android keyboard

    If you haven’t heard of SwiftKey by TouchType and you have an Android phone, you’re either suffering with the native keyboard or trying out some of the other popular alternatives, such as Swype for instance. The release of the bigger and better SwiftKey for Android wouldn’t be big news, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is. I’ve been using the keyboard for about… Read More

  • Tourist Eye throws a rope to Nextstop refugees, before Facebook shuts it down

    Facebook Places has been getting all kinds of attention for the last few days, a direction we knew it was heading with some of the social network’s latest acquisitions. You may recall one last month, Nextstop, the social travel recommendations site that Facebook swallowed in exchange for $2.5m to amass forces for their obvious bet on location. But this isn’t about Facebook at all. Read More

  • C2Call closes a $2m series A round for its browser-based VoIP phone

    C2Call, the free browser-based Internet phone solution, has just raised an additional $2 million in Series A funding from Draper Investment Company, High-Tech Gründerfonds and Mr. Klaus Wecken, co-founder of KHK Software AG, for international expansion of their their VoIP offering, FriendCaller as well as their mobile apps. The big difference compared to Skype or Jajah is that you… Read More

  • ReviewPro releases a free reputation management tool for hotels

    ReviewPro, web-based service specifically geared toward reputation management for the hotel sector, has released a free version of their platform. The free version is the first step in teh company’s conscious effort to grow internationally, attracting those 3, 4 and 5 star hotels who are not comfortable contracting a full service before playing with it first. Reputation management is a… Read More

  • LinkedIn reaches 1 million users in Spain, competitors keep up the pressure

    LinkedIn has announced that its reached 1 million users in Spain. That’s 1 million out of 16 million users in Europe, a market that clearly important to the company, having opened offices in the UK in 2008 and a follow-up office in Holland for Continental Europe. The company claims that 15% of Spanish professionals are now using LinkedIn, with the majority coming from Madrid and… Read More

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