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ReviewPro releases a free reputation management tool for hotels

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ReviewPro, web-based service specifically geared toward reputation management for the hotel sector, has released a free version of their platform. The free version is the first step in teh company’s conscious effort to grow internationally, attracting those 3, 4 and 5 star hotels who are not comfortable contracting a full service before playing with it first.

Reputation management is a hot field in general, with analysis technology popping up regularly. Hoteliers are obvious candidates to be concerned with their reputation. Price is not the primary issue anymore, where as what people are saying on hundreds of review sites is the make or break decision point. Thing is hotel reputation needs and measuring points are quite specific to their field, a generic tool, as advanced as it may be, does not hit all the sweet or sore spots for a hotelier.

ReviewPro first launched their specialized technology in late 2008. They claim to aggregate and analyze more than 22.000.000 reviews, images and videos in English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, Italian and Portuguese published in hundreds of websites including 50 of the most relevant online travel agencies, as well as horizontal social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, blogs and forums.

There are few reputation management solutions that cater specifically to hotels on an international and multilingual level. There’s the Review Analysist and Brand Karma, Germany’s TrustYou, and like ReviewPro, also from Spain Escuchatucliente. ReviewPro rolls out their free version with limited features as a taste-test utility for hotels with at least 50 rooms, initially available for hotels in Spain, Andorra, the UK, Ireland and Germany.

They plan to roll out in another 15 countries in the coming months. The free version is available only to hoteliers rather than agencies and offers a reduced functionality of the the paid service, including an overall quality score dubbed “The Global Index”, competitive intelligence of one competitor and access to reviews from 50 online travel agencies. The paid version is of course much more complete, including Global Review Index by segmented by department rather than hotel level, tracking of all reviews/user generated content in all relevant formats (text, photo, video, etc.) and social network content, benchmark of 10 competitors, semantic review analysis, workflow management to assign tasks and multi-format data export.


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  • Steve

    This video explains a few tricks of the trade.

  • Francesco

    Interesting post. But what´s exactly the revenue model of this startup? Freemium, offering free services for free and charging for hotels that buy special services? Thanks

    • Marina Zaliznyak

      Hi Francesco, thanks for your comment. I’m sure ReviewPro can give you more details on this. Take a look at my previous post (I link to it here with “paid service”). There is a short line alluding to the paid service which is:

      “The business model is currently quite simple. Two monthly rates, depending on what’s required based on whether you’re a small individual hotel or larger hotel chain.”

      So basically, yes, this is a free limited service that gives hotels enough information to know that the service is useful, in order to decide to upgrade to a more complete service.

      Essentially, freemium. ;)

  • R.J Friedlander


    Thanks for your comment and your reflection…

    The Free version is intended as way for individual hotels and small chains to “get their feet wet” in proactively managing their online reputation. Many such hotels want to know what is being said about their establishments but are not ready to commit to a more comprehensive paid service. With the growing influence of online reviews and user generated content in social media sites, most of the hoteliers that engage with the Free version quickly realize the value of using a more complete solution.

    Our revenue model is based upon the sale of the Standard and Advanced versions of our product . We currently have more than 600 clients using one of the two paid versions. Our sales are growing rapidly and come both from clients that sign-up directly for one of the two paid versions as well as hotels that started with the Free version and subsequently upgraded to one of the two paid versions.

    Un saludo,
    CEO of ReviewPro

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