Possible hands on with Aircell's GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi service

American Airlines is quite possibly the most horrendous airline on the face of the planet. I’m waiting for my flight to LA at Gate 12 in JFK. I was supposed to leave at 7:15 ET, but it’s b

New York launches anti-piracy ad campaign: Your intelligence is in no way insulted

Go ahead and tell me that New York isn’t over. The city will be plastering subways with anti-piracy flyers throughout the summer, telling people, essentially, not to copy that floppy. Harried Ne

WTF are people lining up at NYC Apple stores?

The other day I cruised over to my local deli on Greene Street in Soho to grab breakfast and noticed a contingent of Canal Street locals lining up at the Soho Apple store. I didn’t think anythin

Attention NYC: Wiimbledon 2008 at Barcade in BK on June 7

Look here, New Yorkers, June 7th in Brooklyn at Barcade marks the second coming of Wiimbledon. Details are far and few between at the moment, but I just wanted to give you the heads up. An open bar wi

CrunchArcade: Nintendo officially prices Wii Fit

Nintendo’s upcoming white plank of plastic has been priced at a mere $90. Yes, that’s right, the Wii Fit will launch stateside May 19 and those of you living in NYC who pre-order from the Nintendo

T-Mobile rocks Webster Hall with Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot for the Grammys' 50th Anniversary Tour

In honor of the Grammy’s 50th anniversary, T-Mobile Sidekick brought Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot to NYC. Both artists put on great shows and despite the Grammys’ PR folks being total ass

CrunchArcade: New Yorkers go for Guinness World Record this Thursday at Barcade

Guinness World Records invites you, gamer, to Barcade in Brooklyn this Thursday, April 10, to try to break five world records. You’ll be shooting for a fastest time in Ms. Pac-Man; fastest time

WTF: New MBP, MBs not available in stores [Update]

Available immediately, the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models start at just $1,099 and $1,999, respectively. [Feb 26, 2008] So I just called the SoHo and 5th Ave. Apple stores here in Manhattan and bo

Linkin Park playing at secret Apple event?

The mix-tape I sent to Apple in 1997 must have finally gotten to Steve because Linkin Park front man Douchey McWhiterapenstien aka Mike Shinoda leaked that the band was working with Apple for an NYC e

AC Gears open up shop in NYC

Over the weekend I made my way up to 8th street and Broadway for the opening party of the AC Gears store. I really had no idea what it was about or what to expect. I just saw the notice of in my Thril

I Love (TwistTogether) Lamp

Over the weekend my roommate and I dropped by Cafe Habana in NYC’s Nolita and we enjoyed some great food and coffee. On top of the great eats, Cafe Habana is an eco-eatery by way of biodegradabl

Navigating through NYC with a Nokia N95

Yesterday, I was tasked with navigating the streets of Manhattan using only the GPS on a Nokia N95. Of course, I wasn’t alone in this ordeal. I was up against two heavy hitting travelers. Lee Abbomo

RC a human tonight in NYC

In case you’re bored tonight around 8:30 PM EST. Imagine being able to control people by telling them what to do, what to say, and where to go. Imagine being able to see and hear the world aroun

The Unreasonable Stance: Time Warner Cable

This week, I’m going to take a seat while the other eight gazillion people on the Web complain about Comcast. See, back in New Jersey and Philadelphia, I never had problems with Comcast. Maybe o

Cruel Halloween animal costumes

Only in NYC.

T-Mobile launches first 3G handset for 3G-less network

No need to freak out over this quiet launch of the 3G Samsung t639 for T-mo. There’s no way in hell they’re even close to launching their 3G network because they’re waiting on the US government

An Apple grows in Brooklyn

I never though about it before, but Apple doesn’t have a store in Brooklyn. Considering how popular Brooklyn is and the amount of Apple users you can find anywhere you look, it would be a perfec

Bloomberg, Nokia want you to man up, recycle that old cell phone

I’m the treehugger at CrunchGear and I make it known every chance I get. I don’t overwhelm you with facts and figures or any of that nonsense, but I do put in a gadget here and there. Now this isn

NYC Getting Sprint's WiMax Service

Thought Sprint’s WiMax service was only going to be limited to small, rural towns? Nah, didn’t think so. You knew it was going to hit the big cities like NYC and San Francisco first, didn&

Nintendo Opening Offices in NYC October 1?

The last time Nintedo was in NYC. Did you know that that Nintendo is opening up a huge, badass office at 445 Park Ave. in New York on October 1? Neither did we, but we just got a hot tip that says it&
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