• Cab drivers in New York could lose their cellphones (to promote safe driving)

    The Taxi and Limousine Commission in New York wants passengers to have a safe, swift ride every time they flags down one of its taxis. To that end the commission is studying several ideas that would make your journey all the more pleasant. One idea in particular deserves our attention: installing signal blockers that would prevent cellphones from being using by the cabbie. (Your cellphone… Read More

  • T-Mobile BIS down in NYC everywhere? [Update 2]

    I haven’t been getting e-mails to my BlackBerry in the last couple hours and a quick survey on Twitter reveals a couple of other folks haven’t been getting their e-mails either. Friends not on Twitter have been complaining about it as well. What’s up, T-Mobile? Looks like folks on AT&T and Verizon haven’t been getting e-mails on their BlackBerrys as well. Update: I… Read More

  • Let's have a tea party: Taxes make up one-third of New Yorkers' cellphone bill

    Tea party! Yes, in the spirit of all those completely artificial tea parties that have been annoying Tweeple from Maine to Hawaii, the New York Post wants to let its readership know that New York State has the fourth highest cellphone taxes in the country. Fourth! That’s almost high enough to give a damn. Read More

  • The Sims 3 billboards pop up all over the USA

    Considering that, on average, some 40 million people walk through Times Square per year, you’ve got to assume that EA has high hopes for The Sims 3. You don’t spend that kind of money on billboards promoting the game—billboard in Times Square, depending on location, costs in the tens of thousands of dollars per day—without thinking, “Yup, this game will carry us… Read More

  • Best Buy to sell Webster Hall bootlegs

    In the three years that I’ve lived in Manhattan, I’ve had the chance to frequent all the famous concert venues that this town has to offer except for CBGB. I know, I know. Let’s just not go there. It’s in these dark, damp and rank halls that I’ve seen a handful of amazing bands perform while watching others crash and burn. I’ve always thought that a band is… Read More

  • New York City 3D Google Earth maps have been updated & now they're hi-res

    Google, the company, has updated the 3D maps of New York City, the city, in Google Earth. So now when you’re cruising, virtually, around the city that never sleeps you’ll be able to view higher res buildings. No, it’s not the biggest news of the day, but it could be helpful when trying to whittle away the hours while at the office or in class. And really, that’s all… Read More

  • Ricoh ‘green’ sign debuts in Times Square on Dec 4

    Green, green, green! It’s the marketing word that makes you think you’re doing something to help this planet, and now it’ll be found at the crossroads of the world, Times Square. (Actually, Times Square is a hell hole, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular.) Yes, it’s that “green” Ricoh billboard we first talked about during the summer, but… Read More

  • Hands on: Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid and some chain saws

    A couple weeks back I was privileged enough to chop down some wood in NYC’s Central Park thanks to Husqvarna and their easy to use and almost fool proof chain saws. I may be from Oregon, but I don’t think I’ve touched a chain saw in over 10 years. I also saw Husqvarna’s recently announced solar hybrid lawnmower. The Automower reminded me of a turtle with solar… Read More

  • T-Mobile outage in NYC

    I’ve just confirmed with T-Mobile (and my friend Aileen who has T-Mo) that there is an outage in NYC, but it’s a weird outage. Data and voice are working except you can’t receive calls. Weird, right? Experiencing it anywhere else? Then let us know in comments. Read More

  • Mobile Dead goes live for BlackBerry in NYC

    Its been a few months since we last mentioned Mobile Dead, but this zombie-blastin’ “Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality” (MMTR) game has now gone live in New York City. Like other MMTR games, you’re wandering the streets of your own city rather than some made up fantasy land. Your character and other in game objects are superimposed onto a map of your area, with your… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Gran Turismo!

    We’re an open-minded bunch at the Gear and we really wish folks would throw more events like Downshift Sessions’s 10th Anniversary party for Gran Turismo that celebrates the marriage between automotive design, art, gaming and music. Because gadgets aren’t drab little things anymore and we like that added touch of art to go with our gear. I do, at least. Last week at the… Read More

  • DIY: Car side mirror NYC-style

    CrunchGear reader Katie, our hottest female reader, sent this in and we’re all LOLing our asses off in the chat room. Anyone have a better idea? Read More

  • Spotted: Pentax BobCar in NYC

    Over the weekend I spotted this little BobCar from Pentax in Union Square and decided to see what it was all about being the Pentax guy that I am. The BobCar was really neat because it allowed anyone to just roll up and test out any of the cameras that were on hand. This is a much better solution than having potential buyers test them out in-store. The lighting is horrible and… Read More

  • Everyone is drawn to the Apple Store, including a missing teacher

    Ever notice how your Apple Store is always busy? It could be in the dead of winter, when only old people and hockey moms wander out, and the Apple Store will be hopping. Anyway, back to the story at hand, a Harlem Spanish teach went missing on August 29th but was recently spotted at the 5th Ave Apple store where she was allegedly checking her email — or buying the new iPod Nano. Hannah… Read More

  • Send your cellphone photos and video to NYC's 911, 311

    New Yorkers now have something constructive to do with the cellphone’s photo and video cameras. As of yesterday, New York City’s 911 and 311 (that’s for dumb things like, there’s a lot of traffic on the BQE this morning, do something~!) phone numbers can accept photos and videos taken from cellphones. It used to be that being able to send in text message tips was… Read More

  • HP unveils latest notebook on the catwalk at NYC Fashion Week

    It’s Fashion Week here in NYC and that means tons of models and plenty of parties to crash. Tonight, HP and Vivienne Tam introduced the HP Vivienne Tam Special Edition notebook. It will launch in October, but no other details were disclosed and I’d say it’s somewhere between eight and 10-inches. Oh, it comes with a “complementary embroidered storage sleeve.”… Read More

  • Wakamaru robots to invade NYC UNIQLO store

    Toshiyuki Kita’s Wakamaru robot has been around for more than three years and the soon-to-be robot overlord will begin its reign of tyranny at Japanese retailer UNIQLO’s NYC Soho store. I live a block up the street from said store, so I’ll check it out next week when the robot fleet is deployed. It’s still unclear exactly how the robot will help one shop, but… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith launched today in NYC

    Image via Reuters Yeah, I was supposed to go to the launch earlier today in Times Square for GH:Aerosmith, but that clearly didn’t happen since I’m not using my own photos. Anyway, the game will be available on the 29th. Read More

  • Possible hands on with Aircell's GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi service

    American Airlines is quite possibly the most horrendous airline on the face of the planet. I’m waiting for my flight to LA at Gate 12 in JFK. I was supposed to leave at 7:15 ET, but it’s been pushed out to 7:50 ET. So feel free to swing by and say hello and possibly buy me a beer. Although, I don’t see a bar anywhere around. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that… Read More

  • New York launches anti-piracy ad campaign: Your intelligence is in no way insulted

    Go ahead and tell me that New York isn’t over. The city will be plastering subways with anti-piracy flyers throughout the summer, telling people, essentially, not to copy that floppy. Harried New Yorkers and in-the-way tourists will be treated to mock movie ratings, like the kind seen here. Instead of “R” and “PG” we’ll be seeing “RO” and… Read More