NYC May Integrate Apple Pay, Bitcoin, PayPal For Parking Tickets

Given that NYC is the greatest city in the world (I’m definitely not biased), it makes sense that the Big Apple is looking to give its residents a better way to pay off their many parking tickets.

According to MarketWatch, the city of New York issues eight to ten million parking tickets each year, coming out to around $30 billion in revenue for the city. That said, the city is considering introducing Apple Pay, PayPal and Bitcoin as methods to pay parking tickets.

As it stands now, drivers are paying their tickets via mail or in person, or for the truly savvy, online. Still, that eliminates the ability to pay on mobile (mostly, because it’s a horrible experience) and it also means that drivers who pay with credit or debit are subject to a convenience fee.

Because the current process is so difficult, many drivers pay their tickets late, costing them even more money.

The city envisions a system that would allow drivers to take a quick picture of their ticket, and then choose a method of payment. However, NYC has only requested more information on the payment systems, and no official plans are in place yet.