Hybrid PA luggage from Live Luggage is a nerd's dream come true

hybridpa-300x225-live-luggage-intros-hybrid-pa-bag-which-almost-carries-itselfHas airline luggage ever made you geek out? It’s never happened to me until now.

The original PA series we told you about last year wasn’t aesthetically pleasing but the technology was there. If you don’t recall what I’m talking about then here’s a quick refresher. PA stands for power assisted and LL’s PA bags are equipped with anti-gravity handles that place 85 percent of the weight onto the wheels. I’m almost certain that I don’t own wheeled luggage because of how heavy the handles get. The wheels employ flat motor technology (powered by a rechargeable 12V NiMH battery) to assist when going over bumps, up hills and the like.

The Hybrid has two zip-away compartments for laptops and anything you’d like to carry-on. There’s also a Live Locater ID to help find your bag in case it gets lost. There’s even a special spot for an umbrella and LL even throws one in.

Look for the Hybrid PA to drop April 17th for a whopping £695 or roughly $957. Ouch.

Live Luggage via CC