Live Luggage makes bags for over-packers

If you are a lazy traveler or someone who packs everything but the kitchen sink, you are in luck. Live Luggage has created Power Assisted (PA) Luggage. It uses a little motor in the wheels to give it a little extra torque. Another added feature is something they call an Anti-Gravity handle that distributes most of the weight over the powered wheels.

When pressure is applied on the handle it triggers the wheels, which means if you let go or drop it, it will not run away from you. Another notable feature is that the handle is adjustable, so if you are tall this thing will not run into the back of your heels (hate that).

I think this product is a good start, but I really hope that Live Luggage moves in the same direction as the ride-on cooler. I’d really enjoy tooling around the airport on my carry-on.