OGIO ‘Bus’ rolling bag with detaching carry-on


The OGIO Bus looks like a nice rolling gear bag. At $299, it’s way, way, way too expensive for a man of my stature (frugality), but someday… maybe someday. The idea behind the bag is a big hard-backed rolling duffel with a detachable carry-on bag clipped to the front and held flush by magnets. When you get to the airport, you unclip the smaller bag and the two ends snap together magnetically, forming a nice, manageable carry-on piece.

Rob over at Golf Views managed to grab a quick video demo of the Bus in action:


It was shown off at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show but this thing would likely be useful to more than just golfers. The hard backing looks like it might provide good protection for all the gear we have to lug to shows like CES while leaving room for all our fancy blogging clothes.

OGIO Bus Travel Bag [eBags.com via Golf Views]