Booq Taipan shadow loves your luggage

TaipanShadow - Black Suitcase
There you are, racing from Terminal A to Terminal Z so you can catch that flight home, which departs in exactly three minutes. You’ve got your carry-on bag trundling along beside you, and your trusty laptop bag thrown over one shoulder. Every step causes that thin pleather strap to slide a little farther down your shoulder, until *blam* your laptop bag drops to the floor, tripping you in a pile of shame and misery. You need the booq Tapian shadow.

As you can see from the photo above, the Taipan shadow “features an innovative luggage trolley pass-through. This unique feature unzips across the back, allowing the user to slide a luggage handle through the bag for easy transportation when handling multiple pieces of luggage.” Travelers around the world will appreciate this innovation. Starting at $80, it’s not terribly expensive, either.