• Google Strikes Licensing Deal With European Music Publishers, Gains Access To 5.5M Tracks Across 35 Countries

    Google Strikes Licensing Deal With European Music Publishers, Gains Access To 5.5M Tracks Across 35 Countries

    Google has reached a new arrangement with European music publishing entities which will give it access to 5.5 million tracks spanning 35 countries, including artists like Lady Gaga and Rihanna. The arrangement was made with Armonia, one of the largest alliances of music publishers in the world. This should help Google expand the availability of its music content offerings. Read More

  • Linux Foundation launches Open Compliance Program

    Open source software has many benefits, but one of the greatest is the ability to not reinvent the wheel. By sharing solutions, the open source community is able to develop great software quickly and effectively. Although open source software usually stands alone, on ideological grounds, you can easily find examples of open source software in a great number of successful proprietary… Read More

  • EA's CEO: bad licensed games are bad, bad, bad

    Here’s something we all knew but probably never expected to hear from the lips of John Ricitiello. He says in an interview with MTV Games that games that rely solely on the game of their licensed counterparts are bad for business and damaging to the the industry’s credibility. I agree with that part, but I think EA is certainly guilty of squeezing every IP it has until it… Read More

  • Competitive eating, coming to a console near you

    [photopress:Kobayashi.jpg,full,left]Forget Madden 08, the sports game you should look forward to for your console will feature Major League Eating. No, really. Major League Eating is the governing body over sanctioned eating contests. You’ve seen them on ESPN 5, and soon you’ll be able to capture that excitement on your Xbox. Or PS3. Or, god help us, Wii. Mastiff Consumes Video… Read More

  • International Pandora Listeners Getting The Shaft

    For those of you unfamiliar with Pandora, it’s pretty much the best Internet radio service out there next to iTunes. It helps you find artists similar to those you currently listen to and it does a pretty darn-good job of doing it. But there is bad news for those of you who use Pandora and don’t live in the United States. As of today, you’re now banned from listening to… Read More

  • Cisco iPhone In Violation Of GPL

    A few days ago, I noticed some user on Digg pointing out that Cisco shouldn’t be suing Apple when Cisco is already violating terms of the GNU/GPL by using open source software (read: Linux) to power its iPhone WIP300 device. Today, Cisco has admitted that yes, it is indeed in violation but that it’s only “one issue”. One issue or not, you still screwed up Cisco and now… Read More