Spotify strikes new deal with indy giant Merlin ‘competitive’ with big labels

Spotify — the streaming music company with 50 million paying users — has been working on┬árenegotiating licensing deals with labels over the last several months — a critical move to

Gmail’s New Compose View Now Gives You The Ability To Add Labels And Stars

If you haven’t jumped ship on using Gmail’s desktop app, you might be happy to know that its recently released compose view has gotten a few new handy features. Today, the team announced t

New packaging concept helps lazy shoppers find fresh produce

<img src="" />Don't you hate standing in the supermarket, with all those <em>people</em> standing around you, peering in y

Dubious Rumor Alert: Apple is not starting a record label with Jay-Z

We like BGR as much as the next blog, but we’re calling horse hockey on the Boy’s rumor that Jay-Z is starting a new label for Apple . While we’re sure there’s a nugget of trut