New packaging concept helps lazy shoppers find fresh produce

Don’t you hate standing in the supermarket, with all those people standing around you, peering in your cart and passing judgement over your purchases? You can code a beautiful, standards compliant cross-browser compatible website in your sleep, but you’re stymied by which head of lettuce is the freshest. Technology is here to help you, comrade: as time passes, the barcode on the packaging slowly fades.

This is still a design concept, and not actual product packaging yet. One the one hand this seems like a nice idea for the agriculturally challenged population, but on the other hand it seems like a gigantic wasted effort. If you’re really interested in fresh produce, and not just “preservative enhanced” freshness, you should seriously consider community-supported agriculture. I’ve been using Wayward Seed Farms and have been amazed at the flavor of vegetables I thought I knew, as well as being introduced to a whole lot of vegetables I’d never have thought to buy at the supermarket.

Hat tip TreeHugger.