Gmail’s New Compose View Now Gives You The Ability To Add Labels And Stars

If you haven’t jumped ship on using Gmail’s desktop app, you might be happy to know that its recently released compose view has gotten a few new handy features. Today, the team announced that you can now add labels and stars while you’re composing a message, rather than waiting until you actually send it.

This isn’t really all that earth-shattering, but it’s extremely handy, much like the compose screen itself.


By clicking the “More options” menu in the bottom right, you can hover over label and add the appropriate one. Why is this handy? Well, when you’re writing emails, you should be able to do everything you need to do before you click send. That way, you can go on your merry way and get to the next…email. Stars are a nice way of reminding yourself that the conversation is an important one, and you can sort your email by what’s starred. Labels are self-explanatory, but are a way to filter your email in a fluid way, rather than having to create static “folders.”

As with every product at Google, the process is an iterative one. As you look at all of its most successful services, like search and email, small tweaks keep coming, thus making it a better and better service. Rather than shipping something that is “complete,” which is an old way of thinking, in a way, all of Google’s products will always be in beta mode. Whether it has that label or not.

[Photo credit: Flickr]