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  • Finally, Google TV Explained In A Clear, Concise Manner [Video]

    When Google TV was announced at Google I/O there was a lot of excitement surrounding it. Unfortunately, there were also a lot of questions. And the glitchy demo they did on stage certainly didn’t help matters. Today, Google has released a simple two and a half minute video to explain the service and show exactly how it works. This video makes the value proposition of Google TV much… Read More

  • The Logitech Harmony Link for Google TV gets detailed

    Google TV is all about blurring the lines between the web and TV — and ads of course. Logitech is playing a key role in this project by providing the oh-so-important remote interface, and the just-detailed Logitech Harmony Link goes way behind anything currently available. Read More

  • Why Google TV As A Platform May Push Apple To Build Televisions

    Why Google TV As A Platform May Push Apple To Build Televisions

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a lot of interesting things to say tonight at the D8 Conference. But to me, one of the most interesting topics he talked about was only brought up by a question from the audience: Apple TV. We all know that Apple considers the device a “hobby,” and tonight Jobs explained why. But he also may have tilted his hand a little bit when it comes to his thinking… Read More

  • Report: Apple Prepping Cheap, Cloud-Based Apple TV For War With Google

    Report: Apple Prepping Cheap, Cloud-Based Apple TV For War With Google

    The idea of putting iPhone apps on the Apple TV has been something some of us have been thinking about since at least 2008, when the original App Store launched. When rumors were swirling about Google TV, it became an even better idea as the living room was likely to be a new battleground for Apple/Google. And with the unveiling of Google TV last week, it became clear that this would be a… Read More

  • Guide to Google TV’s Ecosystem [Video]

    At this week’s Google I/O Conference, the company carefully articulated its vision of the world. There’s Apple in one corner, carefully controlling its ecosystem, rejecting Flash, and conjuring images of an Orwellian Big Brother. As the “one man, one company, one device” (Vic Gundotra’s words) becomes more powerful, Google is trying to posit itself as the… Read More

  • Jinni Is Building A Smart 'Taste Engine' For Google TV (Screenshots)

    By now, I’m sure you’ll be aware that Google yesterday introduced Google TV, a platform with the potential of moving us closer to real integration between television and the Internet. In the blog post announcing the new platform, Google mentioned that it has already started building strategic alliances with a number of TV technology companies, specifically naming Jinni and Rovi in… Read More

  • Google just shot cable's Franz Ferdinand

    One could be forgiven for writing off Google TV. After all, there are precedents for web TV failures (Apple TV) and precedents for ostentatious Google windmill-tilting (Wave, Buzz, a dozen others), so I don’t blame the doubters. I’d be one but for the fact that this is too big to be an experiment; it’s a declaration of war. The question is: against whom? Read More

  • Who cares about a damn QWERTY remote? Your phone is the only remote you need

    Everybody is waiting on Logitech’s vaunted QWERTY controller, and probably speculating on the various other ones that will be popping up in the next couple of months. The Google TV hardware will probably have several flavors by the time it’s actually in stores, but why do we care about the clicker? You already own the clicker. It’s your phone, fool! Read More

  • Google TV Unveiled. It’s All About The Ad Reach

    Today at Google I/O, the company made the announcement that everyone was waiting for — Google TV. While some glitches in the demo (with the Bluetooth keyboard) prevented it from being a “wow” moment, the implications are pretty clear what Google is going for. That is, the 4 billion TV users worldwide. Or rather, advertising to the 4 billion TV users worldwide. Google noted… Read More

  • Google TV Vs. Apple TV Is Android Vs. iPhone Round 2

    Google TV Vs. Apple TV Is Android Vs. iPhone Round 2

    During the keynote at Google I/O today, Google took a lot (and I do mean a lot) of not-too-subtle shots at Apple. Most of this was related to Android vs. iPhone, but it also delved into something else with the new Google TV platform. At the Q&A following the keynote, someone asked the question: what does this mean for Apple TV? Google dodged the question a little at first. Their line is… Read More

  • Google's True Secret Project: Google TV… Socks!

    Today at Google I/O, Google once again made a splash by giving everyone in the audience an EVO 4G phone, the latest, greatest Android phone. It was the second time in as many years that Google had an “Oprah moment.” But that’s not all Google had up its sleeve in terms of giveaways. Behold. Google TV socks! Yes, Google gave people leaving the keynote a free pair of socks. Read More