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Google TV Adds Redbox Instant By Verizon App, Pitting It Against Netflix On The Platform

Google has just announced via its official Google TV blog that Redbox Instant by Verizon is arriving on the platform today. The newly launched app provides Redbox subscribers access to streaming movie

Speculation Of A Nexus Q Replacement Swirls After An Unannounced Google Media Streamer Hits The FCC

Google is prepping... <a target="_blank" href="">something</a>. An announced Google media streamer was recently found in the FCC's

Google Updates YouTube iPhone And iPad App With ‘Send To TV’ Feature, The Google TV Equivalent Of AirPlay

Google issued an update for its iOS application today that adds the "Send to TV" feature to its apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The feature allows you to quickly and easily pair your mobile phon

Google TV Update Adds Universal Voice Search, Rebrands Movies & TV Store To “Primetime”

Google TV is adding a new feature that could make it easier for users to search and navigate all the different content on various video applications, without having to use keypads or clunky text inter

Google TV Update Brings Google Play Music, Movies & TV, Plus More Features For Developers

Google announced today that it's bringing Google Play movies, TV shows and music to its Google TV platform through an update that will allow users to rent or buy content through the included Google Pl

QVIVO Raises $1M From SingTel For Media Cloud To Store And Watch Movies

<a target="_blank" href="">Qvivo</a> has raised $1 million from SingTel Group's corporate venture capital fund for a media-only cloud that people can use to store and watch movies and

Vizio Sells Out Co-Star Stream Player In Under 12 Hours

Vizio quietly <a target="_blank" href="">posted</a> that it sold out the Vizio Co-Star Stream Player pre-order in the first 12 hours that it was avai

With XBMC Ported To Android, There Might Finally Be A Reason To Buy A Google TV

Content is king, and so far Google TV is sorely lacking content. However, with the launch of the famed Xbox Media Center on Android, Google might have a chance in the battle for living rooms. The grou

Google’s TV Strategy Is Doomed

I feel like we're watching Google TV roll by and off into a nearby ditch. The company doesn't have much dedication to the platform and, like Apple TV, GTV is failing to gain traction. As <a href="h

YouTube For Google TV Gets Recommendations, Smoother Playback And A +1 Button

<a href="">Google TV</a>, the company's first serious foray into the living room, hasn't exactly <a href="

Google TV Adds New International Apps, But It’s Still Only Available In U.S.

Google today announced another step in the build-out of its Google TV service: it is adding several new international channels in the form of apps to the Google TV platform, aimed at those who live in

Majority Of Google TV App Install Base From Pre-Loads

New <a href="">data</a> from app search firm <a href="">Xyologic</a> released this morning paints a picture of the relati

Google TV Gets A New YouTube App

Last month, Google began showing the new versions of Google TV at CES, giving the press a taste of what was in store. One particular panel discussing Google TV's new capabilities led Rupert Murdoch to

Sony Stays Committed To Google TV, Releases Two New GTV Products At CES 2012

Sony released the first Google TV product back in the fun days of 2010. Since then, the smart TV platform has survived more than a year of criticism and a major overhaul. It's still far from a industr

LG Shows Off Its New Google TV Set Before CES

In keeping with our <a href="">prediction </a>that Google TV would be seeing something of an expansion this year at C

Marvell’s ARM-Based Chipset Tapped For New Google TV Units

Everyone has already seen what the <a href="">Google TV 2.0</a> update looks like, but Google and their hardware partners

Airtight Is Airplay For Your Google TV

Proof of concept though this is, <a HREF="">Airtight</a> purports to be the first app that will enable Apple's Airplay on the Google TV. Priced at

Five Predictions For Online Video In 2012

In 2011, the long-promised ubiquity of video—on-demand anytime, anywhere—started to become a reality, driven by mobile (smart phones, tablets).  While this may seem obvious, remember, it was not

Eric Schmidt’s Le Web Keynote Video: “Android is Ahead Of The iPhone”

Google chairman Eric Schmidt spoke yesterday at Le Web in Paris, and now the entire interview is on <a href="">YouTube</a> (thank you, Loic!). Schmidt talks about <a href="h

PSA: 3.1 Update Reportedly Rolling Out To Logitech Revue Google TV Boxes

The Logitech forums are alive with music, or rather screenshots, or rather, if I'm honest, <a href="">one screenshot</a
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