Google TV Development Support Ends As Google Moves Onto Android TV

Google TV’s long, drawn-out good-bye has finally reached an end, with Google confirming today that it will no longer support the platform now that its successor, Android TV, has launched.

In a statement, Google said that existing Google TV devices and apps will continue to work, and “a small subset of Google TV devices will be updated to Android TV, but most Google TV devices won’t support the new platform.” Instead, most people will have to buy one of the new Android TV-powered sets from Sony, Sharp, or Philips that will launch this spring.

Developer resources for Google TV will no longer be available, but Google insists it will be “really easy” to transition to Android TV and Cast-enabled apps.

Google TV launched in 2010, but failed to gain significant user traction, in part because streaming platforms like Hulu Plus rejected it because they wanted to charge for their own premium TV streaming services. Though its success hinges on gaining enough OEM and developer support, Android TV sets will benefit from several features, including built-in streaming video apps, support for games, and access to content available for rent or purchase on Google Play.