Amazon is turning Fire tablets into Echo Shows

Slowly but surely, Amazon’s been turning its Fire tablets into Echos. It started with push to talk Alexa function. Last year, the company added a hands-free mode for the voice assistant. Now, it’s

Amazon adds a 10-inch tablet to its line of kids products

After the launching of the Fire HD Kids Edition 7, customers asked for a larger version, so Amazon announced the Fire HD Kids Edition 8. Now the company’s back at it again, with the Fire HD Kids Edi

LifeDoor closes your home’s doors automatically to protect against fires

It turns out that in case of a fire in your home, a closed door is the best barrier against spreading smoke, heat and flames. But who's going to run around the house shutting doors? LifeDoor is a simp

Crunch Report | The Many Faces of SpaceX Explosions

SpaceX releases a fail video showing all of its explosions, marijuana delivery startup Eaze raises $27 million, Nestlé buys a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee and BTC China is suspending trading.

Amazon Fire tablets updated with kids’ reading app, Amazon Rapids, and a more powerful Alexa

Amazon Rapids, the tech company’s new attempt at getting children interested in reading through a chat-based mobile app, is arriving today on Amazon Fire tablets. The app was first introduced l

Twitter launches on Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One

Twitter needs to figure out a way to continue to grow — and it certainly seems open to looking into a lot of new places outside your phone to figure out how to do that. Today, the company said it is

Secret ‘bursts into flames’ feature may be behind Samsung’s Note 7 delays

The Galaxy Note 7 seems like a pretty decent phone if you like phones literally the size of the galaxy (Brian does) — but be aware that Samsung's curvy-screened flagship device may be prone to, well

Amazon’s Fire Phone Product Efforts Will Continue Despite Early Stumbles

Amazon is taking the long view on the Fire phone, despite poor early sales, a huge price cut and $83 million in surplus inventory that resulted in a $170 million charge for the excess hardware and sup

Amazon’s Fire HD 7 Is A Low-Priced Tablet For The Avid Reader

The Fire HD 7 is the latest in the long-running Fire line of LCD ereaders. Amazon has taken great pains to make this new model lighter, smaller, and more robust and, for my money, I’d say that t

Amazon Announces New Fire Tablets, E-Ink Kindles And A Special Fire For Kids

Amazon released six new devices today with an eye on shipping them before the holiday season. The collection, which ranges from a new e-ink tablet called the Voyage to an 8.9-inch tablet that is light

Amazon Fire Phone Goes On Sale Today At AT&T

Amazon revealed yesterday during earnings that while revenues are growing, so are losses. That's thanks at least in part to the development and production of the Amazon Fire Phone, which goes on sale

CrunchWeek: Amazon’s Fire Phone, Facebook’s Slingshot, And Yo

This week Colleen Taylor, Kyle Russell, and myself sat around the round table to dig into the week's news: Should we buy Amazon's new Fire smartphone? Is Slingshot Facebook's mobile moonshot? And, of

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Amazon Fire Phone, Ink & Slide, And Slingshot

The podcast is packed this week, with six of us talking over each other about some of the most exciting news of the week. If you didn't hear, Amazon launched its own smartphone called the <a href=

Elon Musk Details Cause Of Tesla Model S Fire, Says It Would Have Been Worse With Gas

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken to the <a target="_blank" href="">company blog</a> today to talk about a Tesla Model S fire that caught the <a target="_blank"

Charge It With Fire! FlameStower Turns Your Campfire Into A USB Phone-Charger

Charge your gadgets with fire! FlameStower, a startup that came out of Stanford's StartX Summer 2013 class, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get its alternative charger to market.

The Kindle Fire HD Is Amazon’s Lean, Mean, Content-Selling Machine

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's digital strategy incarnate. When it launched a year ago, the Fire seemed almost rushed. It looked like RIM's failed Playbook tablet and it worked, at best, like the low cos

FCC Filing Points To Larger Kindle Fire

<a target="_blank" href="">The Digital Reader</a> has done some clever sleuthing to find a filing by Amazon

Target Neutralized: Amazon Beats Tablet Makers At Their Own Game

With the announcement that the Kindle Fire has grabbed 54.4% of the Android Tablet market, it's clear to see that Amazon's Trojan Horse strategy paid off. As I wrote back <a HREF="https://beta.techcru

Amazon Plays The Price Card In The Battle Against iPads

Amazon used to be able to sell the Kindle based on its readability in sunlight. That's a fair comparison to make and the old advertising featured little more than people being happy reading. To wit:

Amazon’s Trojan Horse: Don’t Underestimate The Kindle Fire

A number of prominent <a HREF="">folks have</a> been <a HREF="
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