Secret ‘bursts into flames’ feature may be behind Samsung’s Note 7 delays

The Galaxy Note 7 seems like a pretty decent phone if you like phones literally the size of the galaxy (Brian does) — but be aware that Samsung’s curvy-screened flagship device may be prone to, well, exploding. Fear not, however: Samsung is looking into it.

That’s according to statements provided to Reuters and the Korea Herald, which have the company suspending shipments of the phone in order to do additional quality checks.

Image (1) iphone_temperature_warning.png for post 106490With nearly half a million already out the door, the Note 7 is already a hit, but two users have already reported their phones catching fire while charging.

It’s not the first phone this has happened to — in fact, it’s a fine old tradition at this point. History has also taught us that it’s also quite possible that the problem lies in the charger or cable.

We’ve asked Samsung for more details, but for now the halted shipments mean the already hard-to-get phone will remain so for at least a little while longer.