Charge It With Fire! FlameStower Turns Your Campfire Into A USB Phone-Charger

Charge your gadgets with fire! FlameStower, a startup that came out of Stanford's StartX Summer 2013 class, has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to get its alternative charger to market.

The Kindle Fire HD Is Amazon’s Lean, Mean, Content-Selling Machine

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's digital strategy incarnate. When it launched a year ago, the Fire seemed almost rushed. It looked like RIM's failed Playbook tablet and it worked, at best, like the low cos

FCC Filing Points To Larger Kindle Fire

<a target="_blank" href="">The Digital Reader</a> has done some clever sleuthing to find a filing by Amazon

Target Neutralized: Amazon Beats Tablet Makers At Their Own Game

With the announcement that the Kindle Fire has grabbed 54.4% of the Android Tablet market, it's clear to see that Amazon's Trojan Horse strategy paid off. As I wrote back <a HREF="https://beta.techcru

Amazon Plays The Price Card In The Battle Against iPads

Amazon used to be able to sell the Kindle based on its readability in sunlight. That's a fair comparison to make and the old advertising featured little more than people being happy reading. To wit:

Amazon’s Trojan Horse: Don’t Underestimate The Kindle Fire

A number of prominent <a HREF="">folks have</a> been <a HREF="

Gillmor Gang 10.1.11 (TCTV)

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Danny Sullivan, John Taschek, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — lauded Amazon's entry into the mobile media universe with the Fire. We were unanimous in our praise

TCTV: Hands On With The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is the device we were all waiting for and when it arrived it did not disappoint. The Fire is a 7-inch media device that plays well with all of Amazon's media services including the boo

Live At The Amazon Event In New York City

Watch this space because beginning at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific we will be live from the <a HREF="">Amazon</a> event in New York City. What are we expecting? <a HR

Following Fire Incidents, Apple Japan Replaces 5,000 iPod Batteries In 3 Weeks

<img src="" /> The <a href="">never</a> <a hr

Apple Japan Now Ready To Replace Overheating 1st Gen iPod nanos

<img src="" /> <a href="

34 Minor iPod Accidents: Apple Under Scrutiny By The Japanese Government

<img src="" /> If you're Apple and manufacture and sell hundreds of millions of electronic devices over the years, accidents are <a

Watch a hard drive enclosure set on fire, then driven over by a backhoe

[youtube] We told you about the IoSafe Solo before, but here’s t

Butane lighter looks like a cigarette

<img src="" alt="lighter" />A small butane lighter that's the size and shape of a cigarette. That's what this is. It even looks l

Class action lawsuit targets faulty Apple MagSafe power adapter

<img src="" />Fire hazard, smire hazard. A class action lawsuit accuses Apple of negligence vis-à-vis the MacSafe power adapter. The su

Man's trebuchet launches 16-pound fireballs through the air with the greatest of ease

Lighter doubles as an 8GB flash drive

Here’s the perfect complement to the USB flash drive with built-in bottle opener we told you about a few weeks ago. It’s a Zippo-style lighter with 8GB of storage and a USB connection &#82

iPod Nano batteries suspected of overheating, setting tatami mats on fire

Japanese media are reporting today the government is investigating a possible battery defect in the iPod Nano, sold by Apple Japan. Apparently, one iPod Nano (model MA005) scorched a Japanese traditio

Three-alarm fire at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that a three-alarm fire started at Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters last night. The fire apparently may have somehow started under one of the buildin

Wheelchair throws flames, scares everyone

I have a friend who uses a wheelchair every day. He’s quite nimble with it and in fact races wheelchairs and is a known athlete, despite the lack of legs. He’s also got a pretty good sense
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