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  • Follow-up: New Electric Car TEEWave AR1 Up And Close (Video)

    Follow-up: New Electric Car TEEWave AR1 Up And Close (Video)

    When we showed you the so-called TEEWave AR1 last week, reactions were mixed, with some readers calling the latest electric car from Japan “pretty”, while others said it’s plain “ugly”. But now news site DigInfo TV has gone and shot a video of the vehicle, which not only shows the car in more detail but also provides more insight on its development and… Read More

  • TEEWave AR1: Japan Gets New Electric Sports Car

    TEEWave AR1: Japan Gets New Electric Sports Car

    Tesla is getting some competition from Japan: Tokyo-based chemicals giant Toray has taken the wraps off Teewave AR1 (short for “Toray Eco Efficient Advanced Roadstar 1”), a two-seat sports car over the weekend. The company invested a total of US$3.8 million in the development of the electric vehicle whose main selling point is its low weight: Toray used carbon fiber reinforced… Read More

  • Japanese Professor Shows Rare Earth-Free Electric Car (Video)

    Japanese Professor Shows Rare Earth-Free Electric Car (Video)

    Prices for rare earth elements have gone through the roof in recent years, with China basically monopolizing the market for these rare substances (the country currently produces a whopping 97 percent of all rare earths used globally). But in the field of electric vehicles, the dependence on rare earths could be a thing of the past soon: Professor Nobukazu Hoshi’s Lab from the Tokyo… Read More

  • Pioneer Announces Car Navigation System Specifically Designed For Electric Vehicles

    First an Augmented Reality-based car navigation system, now a model that’s specifically designed for electric vehicles: Pioneer has today announced [JP] the AVIC-ZH09-MEV, which doubles as a multimedia entertainment system and comes with a number of functions that are supposed to make the lives of EV drivers easier. According to Pioneer, it’s the first car navigation system of… Read More

  • SIM-LEI: Japan's Newest Electric Car Reaches 333km Driving Range, And It's Fast

    In December last year, we reported that a spin-off startup at Keio University in Tokyo has teamed up with a total of 34 Japanese companies and municipalities to develop a new electric car. And now the startup, SIM Drive Corporation, has announced it has spent the last months on working on a new model that reaches a driving range of 333km. Read More

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV Taking Over Europe?

    Today, Mitsubishi announced that it plans to bring the Euro-spec i-MiEV to 15 European countries. As you know, production started last fall, and Mitsubishi is trying to make it out faster than the Volt or Leaf; and with the Leaf’s recent productions problems and Volt’s low December sales, it may not be too hard. Read More

  • Tommykaira ZZ-EV: Japanese University Venture Shows New Electric Car

    In April this year, a group of graduate school students at Kyoto University announced the launch of a venture called Green Lord Motors [JP]. As the name suggests, it’s a car company, and yesterday, it took the wraps off its first offering [JP, PDF]: a replica of the popular Tommykaira ZZ as an electric vehicle. Read More

  • Nissan Leaf's Window Sticker Boasts 99MPGe

    While I’m sure the guys at Nissan were crossing their fingers, hoping for a 100MPGe rating, the EPA either had other ideas, or didn’t plan for three-digit numbers on their window stickers. Maybe the new ones will change that, but for now the poor Leaf is stuck with a paltry 99MPGe rating. Wait, that’s pretty good. Read More

  • Mitsubishi Rebrands Its i-MiEV The i, Plans For Fall 2011 Rollout

    The EV wars, they be heating up! Or at least they promise to heat up, a year from now or so. We’ve already got the Leaf coming out, the Volt (though not strictly speaking an EV) on its heels, Honda’s Fit EV coming in 2012, and now Mitsubishi is entering the game in a modest way with the i EV. Read More

  • Honda Shows Off Its Fit EV

    We heard a little while back that Honda was beginning to go public with its new hybrid and EV line for 2012, and sure enough, today at the LA Auto Show they unveiled the concept electric Fit. It doesn’t sound particularly original, and the Leaf and Volt will be beating it to market by a year, but hey, the more the merrier. Here are some basic stats and facts. Read More

  • i-MiEV Electric Bikes

    If you’re just remotely interested in electric cars, you will know of i-MiEV, Mitsubishi’s mini “green” vehicle. The i-MiEV has been around for years in Japan (the US will get it in 2011), and now a local retail chain called AEON is offering two e-bikes [JP, PDF] whose design is supposed to resemble said car. Read More

  • ULV: Japan's Newest Electric Car Goes On Sale

    Do you remember the ULV (“Ultra Lightweight Vehicle”), the one-person electric vehicle developed at Waseda Environmental Institute, a business started at Japan’s Waseda University? We showed you the cute mini car back in June, and now it’s officially going on sale. Read More

  • New quick charger for electric cars is really quick

    One of the biggest hurdles on the road to make electric vehicles attractive for the mass market is the long time it usually takes to charge batteries. But a Japanese company called JFE Engineering now claims it has found a solution for that problem. According to JFE, even so-called “quick battery chargers” often take 30 minutes to charge a car’s battery to 80% of its capacity. Read More

  • "Like": Japanese venture begins accepting orders for new electric car

    Japan’s newest electric car isn’t made by one of the nation’s many major automakers, but sometimes it needs a venture to accelerate potentially positive developments in rather conservative industries. Boutique automaker Mitsuoka Motor has now begun accepting orders [JP, PDF] for “Like” [JP], a 5-seat electric car that’s based on Mitsubishi Motors’s… Read More

  • Meguru: Japan's bamboo-powered electric car (videos)

    It looks much like a rickshaw, but the so-called Meguru [JP] is more of an electric car than a human-powered cart. Jointly developed by Osaka-based Yodogawa and Kinki Knives Industries, the Meguru is powered by a lithium-ion battery that, once fully charged, offers a travel distance of 25 miles. The vehicle, which is actually registered as a car, reaches a top speed of 25mph. Read More

  • Guinness World Record: Sanyo battery lets e-car travel 555.6 km without recharging

    One of the biggest obstacles that prevents electric cars and other vehicles from becoming mainstream is the insufficient battery life. In most cases, potential buyers of those green vehicles are scared off by the fact that there still aren’t enough charging stations out there or that the travel distance (on a single charge) is just too short. But many companies are working on the… Read More

  • Nissan Leaf to cost only $25K?

    The price of early adoption is well-known. Just talk to all the people about to receive iPads… in six months, when they release the iPad Video. Electric cars have it just as bad. The EV1 was aborted, the Tesla is expensive as hell, and pretty much everything else has such low production numbers that you could call them limited editions. The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt are the… Read More

  • CHAdeMO: Japan wants to set global standard for electric cars

    The electric car continues to be a hot topic in Japan. A slew of influential Japanese companies like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi (whose i miev is pictured on the left), or Tokyo Electric Power have now started an initiative aimed at creating a global standard, dubbed CHAdeMO, for high-speed battery chargers for electric cars. The consortium will consist of a total of 158 different companies… Read More

  • Report: Panasonic to use notebook batteries to power electric cars

    Japan’s biggest business publication, the Nikkei, is reporting that Panasonic is thinking about using lithium ion batterries used in notebooks to power electric cars. Obviously, the big idea is to bring down the overall costs of these vehicles (and make some money for the company, too). Read More

  • MIT students developing electric car that can be recharged in about ten minutes

    http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/1243511167 Students at MIT are building an electric car capable of being recharged in about ten minutes. Granted, the kind of power that’s necessary to do that would be enough “to blow the fuses on 20 residential homes at once,” according to project team member and MIT student Radu Gogoana. Read More