Video: Electric Car From Japan Reaches Over 300KM Travel Range

We spent two posts on SIM-LEI, an electric car developed by a a spin-off startup at Keio University in Tokyo in collaboration with a total of 34 domestic and foreign companies, in the past months. And it seems that the startup, SIM Drive Corporation, is on track to start mass-producing the vehicle in about 2 years. The company was set up in August 2009.

The main selling point of the newest version is that it can drive over 300km at a constant speed of 100km/h. In spring, SIM Drive said the SIM-LEI (“Leading Efficiency In-Wheel motor”) can reach 333km under “general urban traffic conditions in Japan”.

The new model is equipped with a 65kW/700 newton meter engine, an in-dash 19-inch display, and a set of side-view cameras.

This video, shot by Diginfo TV in Tokyo, provides more insight: