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Uber turns on electric vehicles in the UK, starting with 50 cars in London

The race for who will take the lead in the next generation of automotive technology is on, and today Uber is kicking off a program that it hopes will help put it in pole position. Today, the transpo

Tesla’s new Model S P100D adds range and cranks Ludicrous Mode up a notch

Tesla has a new, larger battery option for the Model S and Model X line of electric vehicles, which includes an improved Ludicrous Mode that boasts a 2.5 second 0-60 mph time on the Model S, which is

BMW’s EV roadmap detailed, includes full autonomy by 2025

BMW isn’t letting off the gas on its electric vehicle program – the company plans replacements for the i3 and i8 by 2022, according to Automobile Magazine, and a new entrant dubbed Project i2

GM testing Cruise’s self-driving tech with Bolt EVs on Arizona roads

GM is putting its Cruise acquisition to good use in Arizona: The self-driving car startup acquired by the automaker in March is trialling its tech on public roads in Scottsdale. Cruise tweeted about t

Hanergy to build solar-powered electric cars

It used to be that only car companies could build cars. But this is the twenty-first century, when seemingly anyone can build a car or four, including a Chinese solar power company. Hanergy Holding Gr

2017 Chevy Volt named Northwest Green Vehicle of the Year

On July 19, members of the Northwest Automotive Press Association got together in Portland, Oregon, to drive 14 fuel-efficient and high-tech vehicles and compare them head to head. The overall winner

More EVs—and more kinds of EVs—are expected to be sold this year

If it seems like EVs are everywhere, you’re closer to being right this year than ever before. Navigant Research expects the EV market to grow 62% year over year in 2016, which adds up to nearly

Nissan expands its free charging promotion as electric car competition from Tesla and others heats up

To say that Nissan is watching Tesla’s every move would be an understatement. The Japanese automaker started this month with a splash, announcing it is expanding its No Charge to Charge promotio

Used BMW i batteries store solar power at home

BMW i joins Tesla and Mercedes-Benz in bringing energy storage home with its new system, which has yet to be given a catchy name. The system uses new or used batteries from the BMW i3 electric car to

Is Formula E the future of racing?

There are only two races left in Formula E’s second season, making this as good a time as any to review whether electric racing is the future of motor sports. I tend to think it is the future, but

Honda and Volvo add more electrification

Honda announced it’s going to expand its Clarity line to include an all-electric version and a plug-in hybrid next year. The latest version of the Honda Clarity will be available later this ye

The Next Tesla Will Start At $35,000, But Don’t Expect To Pay That Price

Tesla has yet to unveil the Model 3, but the company just confirmed that it will be available starting at $35,000. The Model 3 has long been rumored to cost about this price, and today, Bloomberg is q

LG To Supply Key Parts For Chevy’s Affordable Electric Vehicle

GM says the Chevrolet Bolt will travel 200 miles on a single charge and will be sold at an affordable price. But GM is not going at it alone. The Detroit automaker today announced a strategic partners

Want To Take A Spin In A Tesla Model S? Just Get Arrested In Los Angeles

If you've dreamt of taking a ride in one of the beautiful Tesla S sedans, you have options. You could go to one of Tesla's showrooms and try to take one for a test drive. Or you could get arrested

Tesla Wants To Open Its Supercharger Standard To Other Electric Car Makers

Elon Musk is willing to share the technology behind his Tesla Superchargers, the fast-charging plug-in stations for his company's electric cars, the CEO revealed at the UK launch of the Model S this p

The Mass Market Tesla E Will Have A 200 Mile Range, Be Roughly 20% Smaller Than Tesla S

A few new details about Tesla’s upcoming ‘affordable’ electronic vehicle came out of a talk the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk gave last week, and Electrek has the key tak

Meet Kubo, The Crowdfunded Electric Cargo Scooter Made By Lit Motors

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.litmotors.com">Lit Motors</a>, the electric car startup that launched last year with its <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2012/09/10/lit-motors-will-shake-up-th

He’s Electric — Will A Revolutionary Black Box Turn Dale Vince Into Europe’s Elon Musk?

Dale Vince sits in a spartan office in the corner of <a target="_blank" href="http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/">Ecotricity</a>, one of the UK's few green energy electricity networks, and taps away on an A

A New Place For Better Place, As Bankrupt $800M+ Backed Electric Car Startup Sold For $12M

Looks like we have a final chapter for <a target="_blank" href="http://www.betterplace.com/">Better Place</a>, the electric car tech startup that raised <a target="_blank" href="http://www.crunchbase.

Recargo And Xatori Merge To Make PlugShare The Essential App For Electric Car Drivers

People are afraid that if they drive an electric vehicle, they’ll run out of juice somewhere. So to convince more people to buy electric cars and dominate the charging station locator market, Xa
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