Want To Take A Spin In A Tesla Model S? Just Get Arrested In Los Angeles

If you’ve dreamt of taking a ride in one of the beautiful Tesla S sedans, you have options. You could go to one of Tesla’s showrooms and try to take one for a test drive.

Or you could get arrested in Los Angeles if you don’t mind sitting in the back seat. LAPD introduced one of the all-electric Model S’es (P85D) last week to its fleet. They also have a BMW i3 driving around, too.


The Model S P85D is ridiculously fast (complete with “insane mode”), so if you’re thinking about trying to get into one of those police chases, you’re probably not going to win. But if you want to take that free ride, then you probably aren’t trying to win are you?

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Don’t worry, taxpayers, the Model S is on loan. Good thing, because the base price of the vehicle is $105,000.

All kidding aside, it’s good to see the police force embrace a greener car, since patrolling the streets contributes to the ridiculous amount of grossness in the L.A. atmosphere. Mayor Eric Garcetti says the city plans to lease “160 pure electric vehicles of different makes and models” in the future.