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Car breakdowns reach record high despite boost in auto technology

In spite of the progress of car tech overall, the number of vehicles breaking down is actually spiking. According to Fortune, the American Automotive Association (AAA) tended to a record-high 32 mill

‘Graham’ shows how an evolved human body could survive a car accident

Human bodies aren’t evolving quickly enough to withstand the force of a major car accident using today’s auto technology. To help illustrate this, Australia’s Transport Accident Co

Samsung invests $450M in Chinese electric car firm BYD

On Thursday, Reuters reported that Samsung invested $450 million in BYD Company Ltd., a Chinese automaker and rechargeable batteries firm. The Korean smartphone giant clearly isn’t about to let

Elon Musk addresses concerns around Autopilot and its ‘beta’ label

Elon Musk’s Tesla’s ‘Master Plan, Part Deux’ contains his strongest response yet to concerns around Autopilot, the subject of an ongoing National Highway Traffic Safety Admi

China pumping brakes on highway testing of autonomous cars

China has issued a temporary ban on the highway testing of autonomous cars. According to Bloomberg, the country’s auto regulators have warned automakers to keep their autonomous vehicle testing

Volkswagen aims for more electric cars by 2020 amid ongoing emissions scandal

Volkswagen is trying to mash the dash into the future, but its ongoing emissions scandal remains its biggest roadblock. And it doesn’t look like the trudge from the crisis will be sliding into the r

Twitter will exclusively stream two original NBA shows

Two weeks ago, Twitter was reportedly in talks with the NBA to acquire digital rights to stream hoops action. Well, those discussions materialized quicker than a LeBron James-led fast break. Reco

Rally crowdfunding mobility platform expands sports reach

You’re a diehard New York Yankees’ fan stuck deep in Connecticut without access to a car or reliable public transportation, but the launch of startup Rally means you no longer have to give

Ford partners with Jose Cuervo to make car parts out of agave plants

A tequila brand and car company joining forces isn’t exactly a marriage made in marketing heaven. So what brought Ford and Jose Cuervo together? On Tuesday, the two companies announced a partne

Meet the new wave of tech companies taking out the trash

You’d be hard-pressed to meet someone who loves garbage more than Jason Gates, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based startup Compology. But Gates isn’t concerned with the residential trash

How USA Swimming trains with BMW’s Motion Tracking System for the 2016 Olympics

BMW might have found a low-risk way to test its autonomous driving systems — in the pool. Wait…what? For the past six years, BMW has been the official mobility partner of the U.S. Olympic Com

NFL planning on embedding data chips in footballs to gauge field goals

Hey, Tom Brady — deflate this football at your own risk. The NFL confirmed a Toronto Sun report that customized data chips will be inserted into all game balls for the 2016 preseason, beginning

Elon Musk adamantly standing by improving radar even though it’s so close to lidar

In the past, Elon Musk has rejected Lidar, saying it’s unnecessary to achieve full driving autonomy. But in taking to his Twitter account between late Thursday night and early Friday morning,

Ford shows how humans and robots work hand-in-hand on its assembly line

Your next colleague could be an industrial robot. Ford has a pilot project which could pave the way for humans and robots to eventually work hand-in-hand in all of the automaker’s assembly lines

Consumer Reports calls for Tesla to disable ‘Autopilot’ until it can be made safer

Was Tesla's Autopilot mode too much autonomy, too soon? Consumer Reports seems to think so. On Thursday, the publication called for the automaker to disable its hands-free operation until the syste

The US women’s Olympic volleyball team is using a wearable by VERT to monitor jumps

The road to the Rio Olympics for the U.S. women's volleyball team has included grueling six-hour practice sessions, sparking the need for players to train smart — not just hard. After all, one criti

Land Rover’s lead engineer explains autonomous off-road driving

When you’re Land Rover, you can’t just test connected and autonomous vehicles on regular roads. You have to live up to your rugged, but polished brand, simultaneously. That’s precise

Tesla introduces a more affordable Model X

Tesla is doing its part to slash the sticker prices on its vehicles. On Wednesday, the electric-vehicle automaker introduced its Model X 60D, which carries a starting price tag of $64,500 (after incen

Future Mobility aiming to sell electric cars worldwide by 2020

Future Mobility is only four months old, but that isn’t stopping the auto startup from rolling out with its ambitious plans. Backed by Chinese Internet giant, Tencent, Future Mobility is aiming

Elon Musk teases second part of ‘Top Secret Tesla Masterplan’

Elon Musk took to his Twitter account Sunday morning, teasing a second installment of his “top secret” blueprint. What could the billionaire be referring to? Well, upon making the tweet,
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