Arc browser’s new tool lets you remove some elements from a website

The Browser Company, the company behind the web browser Arc, introduced a fun new tool today called Boosts. It lets you customize a website with new colors and fonts. But the best feature of this tool

25+ iOS 16-ready apps featuring Lock Screen widgets you can try today

One of the major changes with today’s launch of iOS 16 is the ability for users’ to now personalize their Lock Screen with widgets, in addition to adding widgets to the Home Screen, which

iPhone theming app ScreenKit gets ready for the iOS 16 Lock Screen with over 100 new widgets

ScreenKit, an iPhone personalization app that’s topped 12 million downloads to date, is ready to embrace the new Lock Screen customization options shipping with the release of iOS 16 on Septembe

Spotify launches an automatically updating iOS 14 widget

Spotify today has released its highly-anticipated iOS 14 widget with the latest app update. The new widget, which comes in both the small and medium sizes for the time being, allows you to quickly acc

With its new ‘Interests’ feature, eBay again tries to personalize its marketplace

Remember when eBay bought Hunch in 2011 to improve its personalization technology and attract shoppers based on their interests? Or when  it launched a Pinterest-like tool called Setify in 2012 for

Custom Jewelry Startup Gemvara Raises $25M In Oversubscribed Series D Round

<a target="_blank" href="">Gemvara</a>, a Boston-based custom jewelry site we've written about <a href="">in the past</a>, just announced that

DIY Browser Themes – Make It So with BrandThunder: Engage

<img src="" /><a href="">Brand Thunder</a>, the site that allows you to skin your browser,

12 Days of Christmas: Blank Label Custom Shirts

<img src="" />We at CrunchGear want to make sure you're dressed for success, or at least can go to Christmas Mass with your in-la

New wave of web services brings customization to commerce

<img src="" />For a long time, CafePress was the major player in customized product creation on the Internet. Slowly other sites sprang up

Chocri brings you

<img src="" />What better way to enjoy your <a href="

Germany gets personalised print newspaper made up of blog posts and newspaper articles

<img class="shot" title="Niiu-logo" src="" alt="Niiu-logo" width="152" height="64" />[Germany] Today I should have received my first editi

Pure Digital teams up with CafePress to offer free custom Flip Mino camcorder designs

Pure Digital, the company behind the insanely popular series of easy to use “Flip” digital camcorders, is about to get even more insanely popular – especially with the customization crowd. Start

Blizzard will store customized UI settings server side starting with Lich King

Some players do not mess around, from Wow Insider Really good news for serious World of Warcraft players. It looks like Blizzard, starting with Wrath of the Lich King will store all your customized UI