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SaaS companies are like leaky rowboats: if retention rates don’t overcome customer churn, you will take on water and sink to the bottom.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of web site it is, the “customer journey” has always been important, otherwise you lose that engagement and the end result can hit the bottom…

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When it comes to efficient growth, bootstrapped startups have a leg up, Capchase’s recent Pulse of SaaS report shows.

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New business is critical to growth, but there are no guarantees that a first-time customer will become a lifetime customer.

During a recession, look to drive growth through customer retention

For SaaS companies, net dollar retention is on investor radar more than ever. But it shouldn’t eclipse gross dollar retention.

You shouldn’t skim over gross dollar retention

There’s no such thing as a perfect onboarding experience. But when done right, the impact of good onboarding can be massive.

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Ocurate believes lifetime value is a better prediction of how much profit a customer will bring to the company. 

Ocurate raises $3.5M to show customer lifetime value for B2C companies

Not all startup growth is equal, and there are a few key aspects that make the difference between a startup reaching its full potential or falling short.

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Cohort analysis is a way of evaluating your business that involves grouping customers into “cohorts” and observing how they behave over time.

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Customer Success needs to be structured to scale. And it needs to be top-of-mind from day one. Here is a look at the data and strategic rationale for launching CS…

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Your customers don’t really want to cancel. At least, not all of them. Between 15 and 30 percent of customers leave for reasons that are within your control. Tapping into…

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