Microsoft envisions Cortana as your best digital friend

Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant competes against the likes of Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and the unnamed mystery voice behind Google Now. It's part of a new wave of services that are slowly m

HoloLens Hands-On: How We Built An App For Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Headset

Microsoft's HoloLens is no joke. We've now tried the company's latest revision of its unreleased augmented reality headset and even built an app for it. The new hardware, which Microsoft also showcase

Microsoft’s Project Oxford Gives Developers Access To Facial, Image And Speech-Recognition APIs

Microsoft quietly launched a set of new machine-learning APIs in beta under the "Project Oxford" moniker yesterday. These new APIs allow developers to add face detection and recognition features to th

Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System Lands On Microsoft Azure And AWS

Mesosphere's mission to build a container-centric service that allows developers to treat a data center with all of its various servers as a single entity is starting to come to fruition. Today, the c

Microsoft Goes Big On Cross-Platform Development And HoloLens

What has Microsoft been up to? As it turns out, quite a lot. The company's more-than-three-hour keynote at its Build conference today covered a range of products: Office, Windows, Azure, and the unre

Microsoft Predicts Its Commercial Cloud Revenue Will Reach A $20B Run Rate In Its Fiscal 2018

Microsoft announced today at its Build developer conference that during its fiscal 2018 -- after the middle of 2017 for the rest of us -- its commercial cloud revenue will hit a $20 billion run rate.

Microsoft Opens To Third-Party Add-Ins, Microsoft's web-based email and calendaring client, is now open to third-party developers who want to build tools on top of it. Using the Outlook API, developers can build what Microsoft

Microsoft Has “Hundreds” Of HoloLens Devices For Devs To Test At Build

Microsoft's HoloLens has been in development for a few years, and Microsoft's Alex Kipman said on stage at Build today that during that time, the hardware has improved by a couple of orders of magnitu

Microsoft Announces Continuum, Turning Windows 10 Phones Into Desktops

Microsoft just demonstrated one of the intriguing possibilities from its single platform/multiple form factors approach for Windows 10: the ability to use your phone as your desktop computer. In co

Microsoft’s New Browser Will Be Called Microsoft Edge

We knew that Internet Explorer was dead. We knew a successor was coming. We just didn't know the official name, beyond the "Project Spartan" placeholder. Now we do.

Microsoft Makes It Easier For Developers To Bring Their Android And iOS Apps To Windows 10

Today as expected, Microsoft announced that developers will be able to more easily bring their Android applications to Windows devices. The company said developers will be able to "reuse nearly all th

Microsoft Expects 1 Billion Windows 10 Devices In 2-3 Years

At its Build developer conference today, Microsoft announced that it expects Windows 10, its forthcoming operating system, to run on one billion devices in two to three years. That's the idea, at leas

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate With Support For Universal Apps

Microsoft is launching the release candidate of Visual Studio 2015 today at its Build developer conference in San Francisco. As expected, this new release includes a number of bug fixes and UI polish,

Microsoft’s New Add-In Frameworks Let Developers Access Office’s Data Graph

At its Build event in San Francisco, Microsoft just showed off its new add-in frameworks for Office that let developers build applications on top of the company's productivity apps that will run every

Microsoft Introduces Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft today announced a new service in its Azure database lineup during its Build developer conference keynote today. The Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which will go into public preview in June, is me

Microsoft Announces Azure Data Lake, A Data Repository For Big Data Analytics

Microsoft today announced Azure Data Lake, a new data repository for big data analytics workloads, during its Build developer conference keynote. The idea behind Data Lake is — as the name impli

Microsoft Announces Elastic SQL Database Pools For Azure

Developers and independent software vendors who often run hundreds -- or even thousands -- of separate databases for their customers now have a new option to manage them while keeping costs predictabl

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Code, A Free Cross-Platform Code Editor For OS X, Linux And Windows

At its Build developer conference, Microsoft today announced the launch of Visual Studio Code, a lightweight cross-platform code editor for writing modern web and cloud applications that will run on O

Microsoft Launches Its .NET Distribution For Linux And Mac

Last November, Microsoft said that it would bring some of the core features of its .NET platform -- which has traditionally been Windows-only -- to Linux and Mac. Today, at its Build developer confere