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Microsoft’s New Browser Will Be Called Microsoft Edge

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We knew that Internet Explorer was dead.

We knew a successor was coming.

We just didn’t know the official name, beyond the “Project Spartan” placeholder.

Now we do: Microsoft’s new browser is called Microsoft Edge.

Just announced at the company’s build conference, Edge will be the primary/default browser built into Windows 10.

Details are still light on of what’s unique to Edge, but here’s what we know:

  • It has built-in Cortana support.
  • It has built-in reader, note-taking and sharing features.
  • The design focuses on simplicity and minimalism.
  • The rendering engine is called EdgeHTML.

While no full-size screenshots have been released yet, here’s what we could grab from the demo screen as it debuted:




Update: Here’s the just released “teaser” style video: