• CES 2009 Omnibus post for Friday

    It’s been another harsh day in the CES trenches, and as usual the CrunchGear team has put out a veritable cornucopia of content. Today was particularly notable for interviews: we got Mark Cuban and Bud Mayo, Dr. Dre, and Les Stroud of Survivorman in front of the camera to talk about the future of HD, DRM, and ruggedized camera gear. There were also, of course, a great number of hands-ons… Read More

  • Johnny Rabb flails arms about, makes cool rhythm-like sounds

    I happened by the Roland booth today at CES and watched as freehand technique guru Johnny Rabb held a wooden stick in each hand and used said sticks to delicately berate a Roland TD-20S drum set. Read More

  • CES 2009 Friday Box Lunch Unboxing

    Yesterdays Big Daddy Roast Beef left me unsatisfied and hungry. Plus, after a night on the town, I wanted something a tad lighter. So I choose the Chicken Caesar Wrap… Read More

  • The UK government's plans to retain email data and rate online content will cost too much, destroy business, liberty and must be stopped – start making placards

    From March this year all ISPs will by law have to keep information about every e-mail sent or received in the UK for a year. Currently many do this on a voluntary basis but this will now become mandatory. With little evidence to support their position, the government says this move is vital for monitoring crime and combating terrorist activity. The new rules are due to come into force on 15… Read More

  • Hands on with the Novatel Wireless MiFi

    Novatel’s MiFi is one slick puppy. The CG crew got a hands on and we’re pretty excited to get some for review. It’s a perfect solution for live blogging events when the Wi-Fi network is slammed with hundreds of other folks vying for bandwidth. It will accommodate up to five separate connections. The folks at Novatel also informed us that there will be three versions: CDMA… Read More

  • If Ambition Were All It Took, YourNight Would Be Sitting On Gold

    There’s not a lot of information to be found about YourNight.com, a currently invite-only portal that’s slated for launch this quarter, but the information we’ve received about its parent company Extreme Enterprises raising a relatively small amount of cash for a valuation of tens of millions of dollars made us curious, so we looked a little closer. Here’s what we… Read More

  • For sale: One slightly used Web app with no business model and no idea if it has any users

    Amid one of the biggest economic downturns in world history a startup has spent £35,000 on a web app which was built with no monetisation strategy and no revenues. Guess what? It’s now for sale. Developing the site by himself, founder Stas Murzynowski created Letsallshare.com to allow anyone to rent or “share” anything or anywhere. RentMineOnline in the US and Zilok on… Read More

  • One iPhone App that won't be making it into the store: Pocket Walsh

    There are some truly useless Twitter apps out there but usually we are spared from seeing the worst, either because they get such bad reviews and fall to the bottom of the listings, or because Apple never accepts them into the App Store. And the same may well be applied to an unnofficial App doing the rounds of the London Tech scene right now. “Pocket Walsh” is an iPhone app… Read More

  • Packed House For The Crunchies, See You Tonight

    Tonight’s Crunchies award ceremony in San Francisco is now totally sold out. We’re sorry if you didn’t get a chance to grab a ticket, but you’ll still be able to watch the show streamed live via Ustream (click here to start watching once the show begins at 7:30). The awards show, which is co-hosted by GigaOm, VentureBeat, Silicon Alley Insider, and TechCrunch… Read More

  • Hands-on the iRiver WAVE HOME multimedia thingie

    iRiver has managed to take the Chumby, add a sweet remote/phone, and throw it into a slick matte white package. This desktop touchscreen is arguably one of the hottest products at CES primarily ’cause info didn’t leak about it before hand and its a pleasant surprise in the mix of gadgets we already know about. The company expects to add a VoIP service like Skype and if they do… Read More

  • Exclusive hands-on with Asus' prototype Eee Keyboard

    Apparently, if you ask nicely, Asus will show you their deepest and darkest secrets. The Eee Keyboard, or Keeeboard (working title) is still very much in a prototype phase, but they were happy to let me look it up and down and give its sweet little touchscreen a spin. I can tell you right now, this thing is really sleek, and what with the wireless HDMI and all the ports, it really could be… Read More

  • Palm Pre to get its own "App Catalog"

    With the Palm Pre rocking a brand spankin’ new OS and an entirely new development platform, it was pretty foreseeable that Palm would eventually announce plans for a central application store. Apple’s doing it, Google’s doing it, RIM is doing it – if you don’t have an App Store of your own, you’ve got nothing. Sure enough, Palm has gone ahead and announced… Read More

  • Better hurry: Windows 7 beta now online (now with direct links)

    Here’s the Windows 7 beta download link. Go crazy, but not too crazy you don’t want to put an eye out or anything. Read More

  • $5 in your pocket? Give Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone a whirl

    For those of you who are tired of playing first-person shooter after first-person shooter, may I recommend Crayon Physics Deluxe for the iPhone (and iPod touch) and PC? It’s probably the best $5 (iPhone) or $20 (PC) you’ll spend today. Here’s the iTunes link Read More

  • Eyes-on the 3D BCS Championship game

    The hottest ticket in Las Vegas last night was the inaugural 3D broadcast by RealD which featured the BCS Championship game and we were there. After chilling with some big wigs and interviewing Mark Cuban, we settled down in the comfy Paris Las Vegas theater for what we were told was the next big thing. We quickly found out that was a lie; a dirty, nasty lie. Read More

  • Microsoft's servers feeling the heat re: Windows 7 beta

    Look what happens when you try to visit Microsoft’s Windows blog, in search of the Windows 7 beta. Read More

  • Make Your Photos Talk Smack With Storyblender

    Storyblender, the casual animation site that launched at TechCrunch40 that lets you put together customized goofy video clips, has just opened up a fun new side project called Make Me Talk. The new web app lets you stick some fake lips on the photo of your choosing and make them move realistically in sync with a voice recording. Read More

  • Interview with Mark Cuban and Bud Mayo

    We had a chance to chat with billionaire entrepreneur, Mark Cuban, and CEO of Cinedigm, Bud Mayo, about their work together to bring live 3D entertainment into movie theaters across the country. The technology promises to be a completely different theater-going experience. Cuban even went as far as to call it “the LSD of 2009.” Read More

  • Twtvite Makes Organizing Tweetups Easy

    From the developer who brought us twtpoll, Felipe Coimbra, now there is twtvite, an easy way to use Twitter or Facebook to create a micro-invite for your friends and followers. You create an invite on the twtvite site, and then micro-message with a tiny URL on Twitter or Facebook. The link takes people back to the site where they can RSVP. (See screenshot below). I just created one for… Read More

  • Wiki Service AboutUs Secures $2.5 million From Voyager Capital

    Portland-based AboutUs has secured a $2.5 million round of financing from Voyager Capital with the VC firm’s managing director Erik Benson joining its board, reports TechFlash. The company operates a wiki for information primarily about small businesses, organizations, and ‘anything that has a website’. Yes, that includes TechCrunch. This is different from our own wiki… Read More

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