• Apparently Apple users hate our freedom

    There’s an interesting poll going on over at 9to5mac right now. “Should Apple let 3rd party devices like the Palm Pre sync with your music collection via iTunes?” A good question, but, I think, a misleading one. Should Apple let? If we rephrase the question in a more positive way, we get “Should Apple actively block other hardware from syncing with iTunes?” As of… Read More

  • Fear Not, U.S. iPhone Fans, The 3.0 Update IS Coming Today

    Well, that was a close call. I’ll admit, I was tricked too at first by a link going around on Twitter right now stating that the iPhone 3.0 software’s launch was pushed to tomorrow. It’s an Apple site that lists the launch date for the update as June 18, tomorrow. The only problem is that the site is Apple’s Singapore website, where the update was always scheduled to… Read More

  • ZuneHD rocks the Teg-ra, rocks the Teg-ra

    I thought we already knew this, since it was included in all those other details that were confirmed shortly after, but everybody else seems surprised so we should probably at least act like we didn’t know (we’re very polite here at CG). Yes, the ZuneHD does officially use Nvidia’s Tegra chipset — its hardware decoder and low power draw made it a natural choice. I… Read More

  • MySpace Isn't Done Yet: Big International Layoffs Come Next

    MySpace announced 30% layoffs today and showed more than 400 employees the door. Near the end of the day the company stopped doing terminations individually, say employees, and called 10 or more of them to a conference room at a time for a quick firing. One good thing – every employee got at least 60 days pay. It wasn’t generosity, though. The WARN Act in California requires 60… Read More

  • Is Twitter The CNN Of The New Media Generation?

    This past weekend the Twitterverse spoke-out in exasperation and opposition against traditional media networks (CNN specifically) and the absence of instantaneous coverage of the Iranian election and the resulting fallout. “We the people” wanted real-time information regarding the violent protests that erupted on the streets of Iran and the stories probing potential foul play in… Read More

  • Let's Not Put Tagged In The DeadPool Just Yet

    Harsh words from peHUB yesterday about social networking site Tagged. They took an article complaining about invitation spam and drew a line practically putting the company into the deadpool. In our opinion, Tagged is actually humming along quite nicely. On the spam issue: Tagged has always been aggressive about “encouraging” users to add their address book and invite new users. Read More

  • Yellowsn0w becomes ultrasn0w, iPhones everywhere swoon

    iPhone OS 3.0? Pah! Baseband 2.30.03? Ain’t got nothin’. This evening, the iPhone Dev Team displayed their inimitable talents with a live video demonstration of yellowsn0w’s
    big, bad, unstoppable brother: ultrasn0w. They’re keeping mum on the details to make sure it’s all still working come Friday’s iPhone 3G S launch, though there’s no saying for… Read More

  • Facebook Fixes Search (But Only In Beta)

    Facebook rolled out a limited test tonight of a new search interface which for the first time lets people search their News Feeds and brings up results chronologically from their streams. The new search interface is still experimental and has only been turned on for “a fraction of a percent of the people” on the social network. I am one of the lucky few. My initial impression… Read More

  • MySpace's San Francisco Office Remains Open Despite Reports To The Contrary

    Lets nip this one in the bud right away. SFAppeal is reporting that MySpace terminated every employee in its San Francisco office as part of the wider layoffs today. The report is based on an anonymous MySpace employee who told the site “San Francisco MySpace offices have just been obliterated. (Staff is) all just getting phone calls in silence and staring at each other, one by one. Read More

  • Me on TechVi harshing on the Pre

    http://p.castfire.com/C2I9q/video/110837_2009-06-16-171108.flv I actually didn’t know I would be on the screen the whole time. But thanks to Randall for the opportunity! Read More

  • Get Tgethr: A Simple Email Collaboration Tool

    The founders of Inkling Markets, a prediction market platform and a Y Combinator alum, found that their staff needed a secure chat room every day to work together on private issues within their business but most of the collaboration apps send an email when they’re updated with a message, which while is convenient, is not necessarily secure. They also wanted an uber-simple email… Read More

  • Captain America returns!

    Everyone’s favorite gadget, Captain America, was killed off by Marvel two years ago (seems like it was just yesterday!), and is now returning to life, just as I said he would when Captain America #25 came out. Captain America is one of my heroes (along with David Attenborough and Indiana Jones), so I’m glad to see him back. Read More

  • Video: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10's Disc Golf feature

    New to Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the Wii this year is the “Disc Golf” feature, which allows you to play all of the in-game courses as a disc golfer. I figured it’d be gimmicky at best. Well, I was wrong. It’s fun, and it’s a great use of the MotionPlus add-on. If you’ve ever played disc golf before, you’ll probably enjoy playing it in the game. If… Read More

  • Review: Quantum Collapse brings quality Real-Time Strategy to the iPhone

    We’ve been waiting for this. Finally, a developer creates a quality Real-Time Strategy app for the iPhone. No, it wasn’t one of the big iPhone game developers. Instead, it was made by a team of just 5, led by Javier Davalos, who don’t even have their own website (they use this Facebook page for now). Quantum Collapse brings Starcraft-like real-time strategy gameplay to… Read More

  • ASUS inexplicably releases a Disney netbook

    Huh. That’s weird. Well, ASUS and Disney teamed up on a netbook, called the Netpal, designed to “make computing fun.” I thought a regular laptop with parental controls could do the same thing, but apparently you need an 8.9-inch display, Wi-Fi, and a locked down version of XP to really have fun. The Netpal is selling at Toys ‘r’ Us and Amazon for $349. Would you buy… Read More

  • The Sony brings style to mice with the VGP-BMS10 Bluetooth mouse

    Mice might not be the most stylish devices in the computer world. Most of the time ergonomics wins over style as your hand covers it anyway. But this Sony VAIO mouse forgoes the comfort for a drop dead gorgeous look. Read More

  • Exclusive Video Demos Of The New Tweetdeck iPhone And Desktop Apps

    Earlier today the news broke that TweetDeck, the most popular Twitter desktop client, is coming to the iPhone. I tracked down TweetDeck investor John Borthwick of betaworks at the 140 Characters Conference in New York City. Sure enough, he has a version of the new TweetDeck app on his iPhone (which just hit the iTunes store). He was kind enough to give me a demo, which I captured with a… Read More

  • Adobe RGB-capable HDTV tries and semi-fails to please the pros

    Color space is something most people never have to deal with, and for good reason: like the fruit from that infamous tree, knowledge of color gamuts and response curves will eject you forever from the comfortable Eden of ignorance. Media professionals, however, like photographers, printers, and effects artists, absolutely have to know (and use) the differences between the popular color spaces… Read More

  • Bezos: The Kindle is competition

    Jeff “Wide-awake Michael Stipe” Bezos told a set of analysts that the Kindle – as a physical object – and the ebook store are two different and separate animals and that the device team is completely separate from the ebook sales business. Why is this important? It means that Bezos sees his future in the selling of bits, not e-ink screens, and the addition of mobile… Read More

  • Apple: Yeah, About That Palm Pre iTunes Sync Feature…

    Right before the launch of the Palm Pre, the press was buzzing about a feature that had remained quiet until that time: That the Palm Pre can sync with iTunes. This is a key feature at least in theory as the Pre is seen as the biggest competitor to Apple’s iPhone to date. It stands to reason that Palm may have wanted to keep the feature under wraps until the launch neared, so Apple… Read More

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