• TC50: Clixtr Launches Location-Aware Photo Sharing For The iPhone

    We’ve all been there: the classic group photo, with twelve friends side by side doing their best to look as happy as humanly possible. The first shot is easy — but wait, the guy next to you has their own camera, so it’s time for another one. And then another. Soon muscle fatigue kicks in, and those happy smiles fade into grimaces as everyone wonders why isn’t an… Read More

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    Albo: Sanyo's new photo and video frame

    Sanyo Japan has announced a small monitor [JP] that can be used to display pictures and video material from digital cameras and cell phones. The so-called Albo can also play your MP3s and is capable of infrared communication, meaning users can transfer data from their cell phones wirelessly. Read More

  • TC50: Simply Add A Social Network To Any Site With Stribe

    The idea of adding a social network to any site is a compelling one. Currently, most sites do this by creating their own networks using service like Facebook Groups and Ning. But those obviously aren’t actually your own site, they are other sites set up under your site’s name. Stribe’s goal is to move the network back onto your site. The service, opening to the public today… Read More

  • TC50: Radiusly Aims To Put Twitter In A More Professional Setting

    While Facebook continues to grow, and some companies are getting more comfortable with using it for things like Pages, LinkedIn still fills the gap for users who want a more professional setting for social networking. A new service launching in public beta today at TechCrunch50, Radiusly, wants to take the idea of Twitter and put it in more of a professional setting, as well. But unlike… Read More

  • What, if anything, is stopping you from leaving your iPod for the Zune?

    A comment from earlier in the day sparked a bit of a conversation in the official CrunchGear chat room: what’s to stop someone from ditching the iTunes-iPod “universe” and switching to the Zune HD? (We’re all pretty keen on the Zune HD for whatever reason.) Those of you with iPhones are pretty much stuck using iTunes, but what’s to stop someone from saying… Read More

  • It's time for Donut! Android v1.6 launched for developers

    Starting to feel like Android’s “Cupcake” update (v1.5) from May is getting a bit stale? Google’s got a new treat for you. They’ve just launched version 1.6 (which, under Google’s pastry-oriented naming scheme, is known as “Donut”) of Android to developers, which packs a hefty handful of new features and polishes up much of what was already… Read More

  • TC50: Lissn Is A Broader Twitter Meets A Simpler Google Wave

    A lot of people use Twitter to have conversations with others, but that’s not really what it was built for. Initially, Twitter was just supposed to be a place to update what you are doing; the @reply only came around because people started using it to direct a conversation at another user. Now conversations are one of the most interesting things about Twitter, and a new startup launching… Read More

  • TC50: Threadsy, A Communications Stream To Rule Them All

    Email. Twitter. Instant Messaging. Facebook. Those are just four of the most popular ways to communicate online. And actually, the average 23-year-old has 6 different accounts that they check for messages each day. Maintaining and keeping up with that is either basically impossible, or flat-out impossible. That’s where Threadsy comes in. Launching its large beta today at TechCrunch50 as… Read More

  • Archos 5 Android tablet gets felt up all over the internet

    Remember that hot new Archos tablet we mentioned a little while back? Five inch touchscreen? Runs Android? Right. Well it’s not just PR shots and specs now; it’s been handled by just about everyone on the internet, and the consensus is: solid, but maybe wait for the first update, which will add full HTML browsing by default and perhaps Flash support. At any rate, the pricing is… Read More

  • TC50: Hark! Launches A Plugin To Bring Real-Time Sharing To Your Browser

    Hark, a new startup that’s launching today at TechCrunch50, is looking to help friends share media and webpages with each other with as little friction as possible. The company offers a browser plugin that makes it easy to share links with friends, as well as interact though an integrated chat room. The company says that there are plenty of link sharing apps, but when it comes to sharing… Read More

  • TC50: Twitter COO Dick Costolo Talks About His Newest "Challenge"

    During a break at TechCrunch50, Jason Calacanis and Michael Arrington drilled new Twitter COO Dick Costolo on his new job, why he took the position and what he’s working on. Costolo, who is an early Twitter investor, said he was thinking of maybe starting his own new company, but decided instead to join Twitter because of its incredible momentum: Read More

  • Yup, that's a $600 Bose iPod dock you're looking at

    Bose had some sort of official unveiling in New York earlier today, but I didn’t want to leave Matt and Doug manning the site all by themselves, so I didn’t attend. This is what I missed: the Bose SoundDock 10, a $599 (?!) iPhone/iPod dock that weighs some 19 pounds. It’s rather big, yes. Read More

  • Yes, we have the Zune HD; Yes, it's awesome

    The full review will come later in the week, but I wanted to put up my own shots of the Zune HD just so you know it’s here in my hot little hands. After some initial difficulties it is now blasting music into my ear and I’m about to sync some HD Marketplace content onto it. So until I get my video review all put together, feast your eyes on this sexy little machine. Gallery ahoy! Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished MacBook for $599

    Geeks.com has a wheel of a deal on a refurbished Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz notebook at just $599 when you use promo code SAVENB at checkout. The machine itself carries a 90-day warranty and includes 1GB of RAM, 120GB hard drive, slot-loading DVD burner, web cam, Bluetooth, and Mac OS X 10.4 preinstalled. Not too shabby for $600, eh? The deal’s good until the end of the… Read More

  • TC50: CrowdFusion Merges The Best Features Of Blogs, Wikis, And More Into One Unified CMS

    As content sites on the web mature, they continue to blur the line between straight news sites, social hubs, and references for structured data. No longer are these sites just home to editorial content — many of them have created databases of the products they cover (take for example TC sister site CrunchBase offers a comprehensive directory of companies and people in the startup… Read More

  • Info about the Archos Phone Tablet emerges

    Details are kind of lacking at this point, but so far the Archos Phone Tablet is shaping up nicely. It should rock Android on a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a 854×480 resolution, 1GHz ARM CPU, HSDPA, and will measure in at only 10mm. The strange thing is that the phone is somewhat large considering the iPhone has a 3.5-inch screen and so we’re curious about how Archos is going to… Read More

  • Showering is bad, m-kay?

    Bad news for those of you who like to keep clean: eggheads at the University of Colorado found that some showerheads apparently contain unsafe levels of bacteria, especially for people who may already have a compromised immune system. Read More

  • TC50: Find The Perfect Scene, Every Time. AnyClip Is A Search Engine For Movie Clips

    Darth Vader’s fatherly coming out. Tinanic’s King of the World moment. There Will Be Blood’s sobering lecture on milkshakes. Whether you want to poke fun at something, embellish a love note, or just prove a point, there’s probably a movie scene out there that can help you do it. People reference scenes all the time in their daily lives, and on the web it’s… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Well, Tell us How you REALLY Feel, Tim O'Reilly

    Conference organizer, publisher and investor Tim O’Reilly doesn’t mince words. In this video he talks candidly about what he hated at TechCrunch50 today, what he loved and what excites him about the Web right now. O’Reilly is a consummate thought leader in the Valley so the interview is interesting for anyone. But if you’re planning on actually pitching O’Reilly… Read More

  • TC50: Perpetually.com Is A Time Machine For The Web

    One of the best things about the web — its constantly evolving, easily modifiable nature — can also be one of its most frustrating faults. Because usually when a website modifies its content, any changes overwrite what came before it, sometimes without leaving a trace of the old content. Perpetually.com, a new site launching today at TechCrunch50, is looking to solve this problem… Read More

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