• MySpace And Wall Street Journal Partner (?) to Send One MySpacer To Davos

    MySpace, like YouTube, is holding a contest to send one MySpace user to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland later this month. MySpace has teamed with the Wall Street Journal on the contest, which is fascinating because (I imagine) there is exactly zero overlap between the stuffy WSJ readership and the hip, chaotically cool MySpace crowd. But they are sister companies under the… Read More

  • Trusty's: Yelp Meets LinkedIn For Blue-Collar Workers

    Trusty’s is a new local search engine/review database for blue collar service workers, aiming to help small businesses establish reputations while giving consumers an easy way to find the services they’re looking for. While there are a number of sites out there that allow users to rate their experiences with local services (including countless niche communities), most of them… Read More

  • Slacker for iPhone coming "as soon as tomorrow"

    Hungry for some Slacker streaming radio on your iPhone? The BlackBerry app just became available earlier today, and it looks like they’re already prepped to go live on Apple’s finest. We ran into a Slacker rep tonight at the ShowStoppers CES event, said some magic words, and were presented with Slacker for iPhone in all of its glory – and we’ve got the screenshots to… Read More

  • CG will be on Attack of the Show today!

    Who’s putting us on live TV? Read More

  • Hands on with Psyko's novel and innovative headphones

    We heard about Psyko a week or so ago, and they won accolades for innovation, producing a pair of surround-sound headphones that’s using a totally different kind of technology. Essentially the sound is produced in five separate drivers above your head, then guided down pipes to your ears. They’re untraditional in every way, and I just wish I could have tried them out in a quiet… Read More

  • A quick chat with ZeeVee, Inc's CEO about the ZvBox future

    The ZvBox is a promising little CE device that streams HD content over widely available coax cable. Unfortunately, the first version did work so well but Vic Odryna, CEO and overall nice guy, promises brighter roads ahead thanks to an update and the new commercial unit. Read More

  • New iTouchless faucet and trash can: Wow wee woo woo!

    Ahoy, space ninjas! We present to you the iTouchless Trashcan SX, a space saving version of my favorite robotic trash can in the world. This model has a lid that folds in on itself instead of flipping up, ensuring you don’t get your hand smacked by the trash can lid. Read More

  • Hands on with the Paro Robot Seal: Awwwwwww!

    I totally wanted to hug this little hug machine! Also, it has a hole in its mouth to allow for the insertion of a charger but, and this is only for those so inclined, I could imagine some other potentially illegal uses for said hole. Just saying. Video after the jump. Read More

  • IPEVO Kaleido R7: Photo frame with iPhone and WinMo syncing

    Here we have yet another digital photo frame. It seems like it is raining photo frames at CES. You can find one on almost every corner. This time we’ve got one with iPhone and WinMo syncing. It’s called the Kaleido R7 from IPEVO and it does have a few things going for it. Read More

  • Checkin' out Tritton's surround sound headset, finally

    Man, I saw these back at PAX but for some reason never brought them up. Which is too bad, because they’re pretty cool. I love the little in-line remote that lets you control the volume for individual surround channels. They sounded good back at PAX, but as I note in the video, there were a ton of dudes around when I was there so I didn’t try them on again. They’re gonna have… Read More

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