Startup Poland Hopes To Highlight The Country’s Booming Tech Scene

As with most countries, industry bodies designed to represent the startup community have sprung up. The UK has the non-profit Coadec which does its best to influence government policy around startups. As does Startup Australia. Now Poland is getting in on the act. Startup Poland, is headed up by many of the leading lights of the scene.

Co-founder Sara Koslinska says Poland’s capital Warsaw is the only Central European city listed in the Startup Genome rank of Top 20 runner-ups. It’s also about to get the second Google Campus in Europe. And rightly so. Poland has long been seen as a hotbed of tech talent.

So, with the support of Guy Levin, the director of Coadec, a group of members of the Polish startup community including Borys Musielak and Piotr Wilam decided to set up a Trust that will benefit the whole community. So far, 150 startups have signed up, including local politicians.

Unlike the UK, which is dominated by London, Poland has a few startup centres apart from its capital city, including Cracow, Poznan and Gdansk. Startup Poland hopes to highlight those cities.

So if you’re in Poland and into startups, you should check out Startup Poland. Outside Poland? Use them as a gateway into the country.