A Ride With The Pocket Man

Scott Jordan has been a tech fixture for almost a decade. His company, ScotteVest, makes clothing for gadget lovers, feature pockets for almost everything including tablets, phones, water bottles, and even passports. Now he’s taking on a new persona, Pocket Man, and trying to help people follow their passion.

While his adventure is a little self-promotional, he means well. He’s written a book, Pocket Man, about his career and is taking to the streets in his super-cool Polaris Slingshot to talk about it. His goals are to help companies learn how to build their brands and he wants to have a little fun. I think it’s achieved them.

I took a few minutes to ride around with him in his vehicle through the streets of Vegas where we talked about his career, the book, and his advice for lifestyle brands. He’s a fun guy and he knows a thing or two about good branding.