Sony Hackers Threaten A Media Organization And Others

The hackers who compromised Sony Pictures Entertainment’s servers, releasing private files and emails to the public which detailed everything from the personal, financial and medical data of pr

The Message In Messaging Apps

Text messaging is on a decline in favor of a new kind of social networking app seeing an increase in relevancy that is expected to continue. From Kik to Line to Viber to WhatsApp, social messaging app

Mark Zuckerberg Is Crowdsourcing His New Year’s Resolutions On Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolutions have generally put most people’s to shame. In the past, he has vowed to do things like write a thank you note to someone who mad

Tesla Is Working On Robotic Snakes That Emerge From The Wall To Charge Your Car

Elon Musk is pretty much the best thing about Twitter, and today is no exception – the Tesla CEO tweeted that his electric car company is actually working on tech that would allow chargers to snake

The Patriot Act Is Cannibalizing America’s Economic Edge

Amit Patel Contributor Amit Patel is the Chief Financial Officer of HighQ. He leads financial strategy at the company and prior to joining the business, Amit founded and built a prepaid credit card an

NYC May Integrate Apple Pay, Bitcoin, PayPal For Parking Tickets

Given that NYC is the greatest city in the world <a href="">(I'm definitely not biased)</a>, it makes sense that the Big Apple is looking to give its re

TinyPulse Raises $3.5M Led By Baseline To Help Companies Keep Tabs On Employee Happiness

TinyPulse launched to change the way employee reviews were done. Based on the promise of weekly, one-question surveys, the company has grown to more than 20 employees and just raised $3.5 million in S

India’s Government Asks ISPs To Block GitHub, Vimeo And 30 Other Websites (Updated)

Today it emerged that the Indian government has asked internet service providers to block access to 32 sites in the name of its censorship laws.

Uber Suspends Its Uber Pop Ride-Sharing Service In Spain Following A Court Ruling

Uber has suspended its Uber Pop ride-sharing service in Spain, the company confirmed today, after a court ruling that has followed months of sustained pressure from authorities in the country.

In 2015, Software Eats The Wearable World

2014 will be remembered as the year that wearables leapt into the Silicon Valley mainstream. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm have taken notice and poured money and resource

Matter And Form’s 3D Scanner Is Inexpensive And Promising

At $600, the Matter and Form 3D Scanner is probably the cheapest 3D laser scanner on the market. While the system does require some tweaking to get great scans, I was quite pleased with the scanning r

Grocery Delivery Startup Instacart Raises $210 Million More

Grocery delivery startup Instacart has raised an additional $210 million, according to an SEC filing on Monday. The filing confirms a Series C funding round reported earlier this month, which values t

Manufacturing Reboots Talent Engine In A New Age Of Digital Disruption

In the context of winning in today’s marketplace, businesses can either disrupt or be disrupted. But how can a business disrupt the market when its talent engine has stalled? Whether a company m

In Cybercrime, What’s Old Is New Again

Like most cases, this one started with a frantic call from a restaurant owner. The panic and uncertainty bled through the phone. He had just been notified his business suffered a payment card data bre

The Kairos T-Band Turns Your Dumb Watch Into A Smart Watch

Another day, another wearable design. This time it’s something called the Kairos T-Band, a watch band that connects to your normal watch and enables all sorts of exciting things like step tracki

Ten One Design’s Mountie Clip Is Perfect For Duet’s iPad Display App

Your mobile two-screen setup just got a lot more perfect: Ten One Design has launched the Mountie, a two-sided clip that securely mounts an iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device to your MacBook or i

Moment Brings Back Family Dinner Time By Sounding Alerts If You Pick Up Your Phone At The Table

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to limit screen time around the family dinner table, the mobile application Moment can now help. The app, which previously focused on alerting smartphone

What The Hell Is A Startup Anyway?

If you regularly read technology media, and I honestly can't recommend it, you will run into occasional references to "startups." Many consider startups to be small companies determined to grow quickl

United And Orbitz Sue “Hidden Cities” Flight Search Engine Skiplagged

United Airlines and Orbitz are suing Skiplagged, a small startup founded by Aktarer Zaman that helps travelers hack the airlines' opaque pricing schemes to get better deals by finding so-called "hidde

Actually, Our Greatest Hopes Lie With Techies

For all the stories of 2014, few got the attention of the press like the tension between San Francisco residents and the rising tide of engineers and startup founders who started calling the city thei
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