Citi Survey: 27 Percent Watch Netflix Online Versus 15 Percent For Hulu

Both Netflix's brand and shares have been battered this year after price hikes last summer and the botched attempt to <a href="">spin off </a>th

The Definitive Guide To HTML5: 14 Predictions For 2012

From tech titans like Zynga, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple, to startups just launching, the battle lines of 2012 will be drawn across the landscape of HTML5. Below are 14 bold predictions for

(Founder Stories) TripAdvisor’s Kaufer: Crucial Early Decisions Paved The Way For An IPO

Earlier today, <a href="">TripAdvisor</a> <a href="

Aol Shareholders Freak Out Over Exec Departures — As They Should

More than a fair amount of business success hinges on telling stories about the future. The reason Yahoo's market cap is down to $19.83 billion from a high of $55 billion is because shareholders don'

Last-Minute Gift Guide 2011: Things For The Audio Lover In Your Life

You've got a few hours left before all of the free "Get it before Christmas!" shipping deals come to a close, and you've still got people left gift-less. What ever will you do? Give'm the gift that

Fly Or Die: The Mid-Size Tablet Revolution

There's been a recent interesting trend in the tablet market: devices 8 inches and smaller that are as powerful as their bigger cousins but considerably more portable and convenient. In this episode o

Facebook Snubs Zynga’s CityVille As Most Popular Game Despite 5X Users Of #1 Gardens Of Time

Playdom's Gardens of Time took the #1 spot of Facebook's <a href="">Most Popular Games of 2011 list</a>.

The Other Side Of Open

Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Open. Every chance they get, someone from Google brings this up as a huge advantage of Android over rivals like iOS. Never mind the fact that a good

It Had To Happen Eventually: Hasbro Sues Asus Over Transformer Name

Call me naive, but I just assumed that when Asus showed off a device called the <a href="">

Actually, Searches For “Google+” Are Petering Out

Just last week, Google was promoting the fact that "Google+" was the <a href="">No. 2 fastest-growing search term</a> of the year in i

Flickr Updates Its iPhone App, But Where’s Flickr For iPad?

Flickr has just pushed out an update to its iPhone app, easing the batch upload process and making some UI tweaks. It will surely be welcomed by the many Flickr users who use iPhones, but Flickr's con

HP Sends $19 Refunds To Overcharged TouchPad Sale Partakers

If you were one of the lucky few that managed to snag a <a href="">TouchPad</a> during HP's (maybe) final <a href="

45 Privacy Changes Facebook Will Make To Comply With Data Protection Law

In 2012, Facebook will be making 45 privacy-related changes to comply with the recommendations of an <a href="">audit by Ireland's Office of the

Intel Shows Off Smartphone Reference Design, Claims Performance Gains Over ARM

We've been waiting for Intel's promised smartphone effort for a long, long time now. The few desultory pushes by the likes of Acer and niche OEMs has done little to dent the dominance of rival ARM, wh

Samsung Teases Android-Controlled Smart TVs For CES 2012

Smart HDTVs<a href=""> will be a big trend</a> at CES 2012. Nearly every major brand will release major updates to ex

UP Maker Jawbone Bites Into Another $40 Million

The future of technology software is contingent upon the capabilities of the hardware that it powers. That's why <a href="">Jawbone</a>, a company that makes pretty and pretty us

(Founder Stories) Charity: Water’s Harrison Highlights Tactical Decisions

In <a href="">Scott Harrison's</a> final Founder Stories interview with host, <a href="">Chris Dixon</a>, Har

ComScore’s 2011 Social Report: Facebook Leading, Microblogging Growing, World Connecting

You already know that social networking sites have been getting huge around the world, but an annual report out today from comScore shows what exactly is going at a wonderful new level of detail, with

Swype Learns To Listen Better, Type More Accurately

If you haven't taken the time to play with Swype (the trace-to-type mobile keyboard alternative), you're missing out — and I'm not just saying that because <a href="

No Boys Allowed: Women Innovate Mobile Accelerator Is Just For Women

Today, a new startup accelerator for women, the <a href="">Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) Accelerator</a>, is opening its doors for applications. The program will start of
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