Samsung Teases Android-Controlled Smart TVs For CES 2012

Smart HDTVs will be a big trend at CES 2012. Nearly every major brand will release major updates to existing lines along with completely new products. However, Samsung has long sold a successful line of smart TVs, but a just-released CES 2012 teaser video shows the upcoming models will be a bit different. They’re going to ditch remotes. These HDTVs look to be controlled by mobile devices.

The teaser video only shows a few quick seconds but it’s the logical next step. Smartphone remotes for Google TV are nothing new. Both Google and Logitech released apps shortly after the platform debuted in 2010. Samsung, already a pro at smart TVs and Android, will likely release a bespoke solution crafted just for Samsung devices.

The bigger question involves the fate of the current line of Samsung Smart TVs. An Android-powered version seems inevitable but the company has so far seen success with its current, non-Android platform. Last January, company proudly proclaimed 2 million apps were downloaded to Samsung Smart TVs. Despite previous statements, Samsung could be completely abandoning its current platform for the new kid in town: Google TV and/or Android.