(Founder Stories) Charity: Water’s Harrison Highlights Tactical Decisions

In Scott Harrison’s final Founder Stories interview with host, Chris Dixon, Harrison offers some suggestions to other founders and discusses how people can donate to Charity: Water.

Harrison says “one of the simplest ways to help is to give up your birthday.” By this he means “instead of throwing a birthday party, instead of asking or even accepting gifts, people just ask for their age in dollars.” Once Charity: Water has the cash in-hand Harrison says “every single dollar with integrity is tracked though the accounting system to the project that it actually funded.”  Charity: Water has collected “over $10-million” this way.

Offering advice to others, Harrison says “I think one of the key and very simple things is get lawyers to help you file for your 501(c)(3).” While the upfront costs may seem prohibitive, he believes spending money to hire a professional is well worth the expense.

Harrison also advises leaders to do themselves a favor and figure out how to clearly and simply communicate their message. He says people “can go on for 6 or 7 sentences, trying to expound on their mission statement, at the end you are like so what do you guys do again?” Before the interview wraps, Harrison shares a few more tips, so be sure to watch the full conversation to hear them all.

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