HP Sends $19 Refunds To Overcharged TouchPad Sale Partakers

If you were one of the lucky few that managed to snag a TouchPad during HP’s (maybe) final fire sale of TouchPad inventory two weeks ago, you might be receiving a little present soon via PayPal.

It seems that some people were charged quite a bit extra for shipping. It seems a bit fussy to complain about when you’re getting a device like this for such a ridiculous price, but hey, not everyone can spare ten bucks these days. Not only that, but there was chaos at eBay and PayPal during the promotion; many commenters complained of errors, lag, and lost orders. Fear not: you will be compensated for your troubles.

An email is going out to purchasers of the device that reads partially:

Due to an error in the calculation of Shipping & Handling fees for the HP TouchPad, you were charged an additional $10 in shipping fees for your order. We have recognized this error and HP’s eBay store will credit $10 to your PayPal account for each HP TouchPad you ordered. eBay and HP are also aware that in some instances, the shopping experience of HP’s eBay store was impacted by the overwhelming response to the HP Touchpad deal. eBay and HP are committed to delivering the best shopping experience possible on eBay and are providing you with an additional $9 credit to your PayPal account for each of your HP Touchpad orders.

So basically, they negated everyone’s shipping fees. How nice!

I suppose that as long as they were throwing money out the door, a few more handfuls didn’t matter when the satisfaction of their customers was at stake. HP still has plans for webOS despite open-sourcing it, so seeding a few good memories of the OS can’t hurt.

[thanks to Jeff for the tip]