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  • … and now there's Final Fantasy XIV!

    So what do we make of Final Fantasy XIV? The game, which will be an MMO à la Final Fantasy XI, was announced at some point during Sony’s 18-and-a-half hour press conference at E3. The trailer is available online, but I haven’t yet figured out a way to grab it and put it here. Oh, well. Read More

  • What are the odds that we'll play Final Fantasy XIII before the next Ice Age?

    I swear, you could round up the kids from The Little Rascals, give them a PS3 development kit, and they’d be able to pump out Final Fantasy XIII faster than Square Enix. Why? Squeenix was asked, for the billionth time, “When are you guys gonna release Final Fantasy XIII“” To which the company’s president replied, “We’ll do our best!” That’s… Read More

  • Square-Enix "Security Token" for ultra-paranoid MMO players coming April 7

    Imagine you’re a serious Final Fantasy XI player. You might be afraid of someone stealing your store of Phoenix Down, or maybe that Coral Sword you’ve worked so hard for. You might be wanting to take steps to protect your investment. Luckily, SquEnix has you sorted out. It may be a bit overkill, but their new “security token” is probably as secure as you’re going… Read More

  • Nintendo just found a boatload of money and it's called Dragon Quest X

    Flickr’d Sony and Microsoft (especially Microsoft) might as well pack their bags and leave the Japanese gaming market altogether. Why? For one, Square Enix just announced that Dragon Quest X will be released for the Wii, probably sometime in 2010 at the earliest. That means Nintendo will struggle to manufacture the 948593485739485739485 Wiis it’ll need to keep up with demand. Keep… Read More

  • Square makes pass at Lara Croft, Warner laughs heartily

    Earlier today, gaming news site MCV learned that Square Enix is preparing to bid against Warner Interactive in an attempt to purchase Eidos, or at least a part of it. Given the fact that Warner Interactive already owns a percentage of Eidos, and last month they were given the opportunity to buy more shares, industry pundits still expect Warner to close the deal. Given the financial problems… Read More

  • Rumor: Square Enix to charge for Final Fantaxy XIII demo

    It’s been rumored that the Final Fantasy XIII demo might be 90 minutes and while it was confirmed in Japan that you could get the demo with the Blu-ray release of Advent Children: Complete in March, but those of us outside of that tiny and wondrous little island may have to pony up some bucks for it. FF gawd Tetsuya Nomura hinted that it might be sold separately for everyone outside Japan. Read More

  • Japan: PSP-3000 gets a date and final price, bundles announced

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today the PSP-3000 will be available on the Japanese market on October 16th for $180. The new PSP will initially come in three different colors (piano black, pearl white and mystic silver). Value packs will also be available (for $230) and include an AC adaptor, battery pack, pouch, a 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo stick and other accessories. Sony will… Read More

  • First Final Fantasy XIII demo to be PS3 exclusive

    Were you one of the many PS3 owners who felt betrayed by Square Enix’s decision to port the game to the Xbox 360? Worry not, scorned gamer, because Squenix still has your back—kinda. The very first playable demo of Final Fantasy XIII will be packaged with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, which is a Blu-ray release. So, buy the movie, which wasn’t too bad, and get… Read More

  • Video: Final Fantasy 13 trailer for Xbox 360

    We weren’t allowed to video this but I did anyway. Enjoy. Read More

  • Hell Freezes Over: Destiny's Child Mobile Game Released

    I love your pits, Beyonce You know what’s fantastic? The Final Fantasy series from Square-Enix. I really love those games. I like Kingdom Hearts and Saga Frontier 2 too. But as of today, I’m no longer buying anything that godforsaken company releases. Know why? They made a goddamned game called Destiny’s Child Groove and it’s hitting your mobile phone right… Read More