Square Enix’s new RPG comes to the Apple Watch

Because if someone builds a screen, Square Enix is going to bring an RPG to it – no matter how small or seemingly difficult such a proposition might ultimately be. Cosmos Rings is the gaming company’s first crack at the prohibitive form factor – and it’s an exclusive no less. The title utilizes an accompanying iPhone app, but users need Apple’s wearable to play.

The $6 game is set in “a dark and timeless world,” in which a hero must, naturally, travel through a rift to rescue the Goddess of Time. Easier said than done, as you might expect.

Square refers to the role playing game as “an Apple Watch experience,” which betrays the somewhat limited interactivity of a game that does its best with limited gameplay possibilities, featuring automatic attacks among other hand-holding gameplay.

At the very least, Square has filled the watch’s 1.65 inches of real estate with some beautiful looking and extremely colorful graphics – not to mention a solid diversion during important business meetings when you really ought to be focusing on the task at hand. But the Goddess of Time isn’t going to save herself.