SNES Classic Chrono Trigger Coming To iOS Next Month

Hear that noise? That deafening, arrhythmic clomping that seems to be coming from every direction? That’s the sound of a million geeks, all doing their happy dance.

Square Enix has just announced that the SNES classic RPG Chrono Trigger is, at long last, coming to iOS.

Before all the jailbreakers in the audience start with the “PFT! LOL! I’VE HAD CHRONO TRIGGER ON MY iPHONE FOR 100 YEARS.”, keep in mind: this is no mere emulation. While it maintains all of the same graphic art and visual styling of the original, it appears that Square Enix has retooled the game’s interface specifically for touch and overhauled things like the text display system for the iPhone’s smaller screen.

Alas, Square keeps deliberately mentioning that it’s coming to iPhone — which means that while you’ll be able to run it on your iPad, it’ll almost certainly have to be in the visually-damning 2X scaling mode.

As any geek who lived through the 90s would almost certainly argue, Chrono Trigger is the definitive RPG of the 16-bit era. It’s arguable whether it’s the best, and it, like anything else, has its haters — but it’s impossible to say that it’s not the most universally loved.

Square Enix is still holding back on the pricing and release date specifics, but do say that it’ll be ready “before the end of December”. Now, go listen to this ridiculous remix of the Time theme and get pumped to run into Marle all over again.