Yikes: Square Enix Slashes Profit Projections By 90 Percent, Delays Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Bad news, sports fans. It looks like Square Enix has had to delay to the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from early 2011 to sometime in April. And that’s not even the worst news for Squeenix this day.

The company has slashed full-year profit predictions by more than 90 percent, which isn’t exactly what you want to see as a company whose goal is to make a profit.

In addition to delaying to Deus Ex, Square Enix has also delayed the PS3 port of Final Fantasy XIV. The game has been plagued with problems since its launch on the PC. In fact, the game’s main producer just left (or was forced out, depending on how you want to see things).

Dear Squeenix: just release a FF7 remake already. It’s pretty much free money for you guys.