• Apple Patents Snap-On Game Controller And Keyboard Accessories For iPhone

    Apple Patents Snap-On Game Controller And Keyboard Accessories For iPhone

    Apple has a new patent (via AppleInsider) that covers modular accessories for mobile devices like the iPhone, which include a physical gamepad with action buttons, D-pads and analog joysticks; a QWERTY hardware keyboard for typing; additional camera, speaker and microphone units; and even a full, secondary multitouch input like a trackpad. The accessories in the patent are described as… Read More

  • Microsoft’s Xbox One Controllers Now Work With PCs

    Microsoft’s Xbox One Controllers Now Work With PCs

    I’ve been gaming on a PC lately, and despite some initial frustration, it’s been fun overall. But I’ve also been using an old Xbox 360 controller, even though I have and love Xbox One controllers now for the overpriced Netflix box + Kinect I somewhat foolishly bought last year. Today, Microsoft released PC drivers for the Xbox One controller, making it possible to use the… Read More

  • Logitech Outs Its $99 iOS Game Controller, And It’s Exactly What You Expected

    Logitech Outs Its $99 iOS Game Controller, And It’s Exactly What You Expected

    Here’s a noodle-scratcher for you: you have an iOS device and love playing games on it, but you’ve grown weary of effetely pawing at a touchscreen. What do you do? Well, now that iOS 7 is out on and has already been installed on a veritable crap-ton of devices, the answer is to explore the wild and woolly world of iDevice game controllers like the one Logitech just officially… Read More

  • Leap Motion Launches With Limited Appeal, But It Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb Of Innovation

    Leap Motion Launches With Limited Appeal, But It Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb Of Innovation

    The much-anticipated Leap Motion Controller began shipping to pre-order customers today, as reviews of the input device hit the web. The startup behind the controller has done an impressive job raising interest in the novel gadget, and sold an incredible amount of pre-orders to early adopters. But reviews so far have been mostly lukewarm, citing experiences that don’t necessarily live up… Read More

  • With The Game D, Techdy Hopes To Fund And Build An Open-Source Game Controller Case For iPad Mini

    With The Game D, Techdy Hopes To Fund And Build An Open-Source Game Controller Case For iPad Mini

    The iPad mini is a unique device in that it offers much more portability than the standard iPad, while still providing a much bigger screen than the iPhone for more enjoyable gaming. Techdy has recognized that as an opportunity to build a game controller specifically for Apple’s smaller tablet, which aims to turn it into a much more capable gaming rig. Read More

  • Apple’s Long-Rumored Game Controller May Soon See The Light Of Day

    Apple’s Long-Rumored Game Controller May Soon See The Light Of Day

    I’ve long believed that touchscreens leave a certain something to be desired when it comes to playing games, and if a new (and very curious) report holds true, Apple may feel the same way. According to’s Jon Jordan, Apple has been meeting with developers on-site at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to talk about a forthcoming Apple… Read More

  • Hackable Atari Controller For Your MAME Pleasure

    While I wouldn’t say that the Atari controller is particularly ergonomic, it’s a classic of the form and brings back all sorts of happy, fuzzy memories. This $25 controller connects to a Mac or PC via USB and supports all major game emulators including Stella and MAME. You can even pop it open and hack in two new buttons, just in case. Read More

  • Microsoft Updating Xbox 360 Controller

    There’s a rumor making it’s way around the internet this morning, it seems that Microsoft may be launching an updated Xbox 360 controller this coming holiday season. Again, this isn’t official, however Joystiq seems to think that their source is pretty reliable. What are they updating? Well, apparently the D-Pad needs some refreshing. The plan is apparently to rotate the D-Pad… Read More

  • DIY: The One-Handed Gamecube Controller

    Here’s an interesting hack to start your day. Modder Hasse has a brother with a disability; he’s only able to use one hand. The brother also likes to play video games, and with the way joysticks or controllers are set up now, you pretty much have to use both hands. Hasse wanted to help his brother out, so he designed and hacked a N64 Gamecube controller into one-handed use… Read More

  • New Sharp LCD controller allows dual displays on mobile devices with half-XGA resolution

    Mobile devices that feature dual displays with half-XGA (480 x 1,024) resolution each? According to Sharp, we can get cell phones, portable gaming consoles, and eBook readers with that feature soon, thanks to their new LR388G9 controller [press release in English]. The company says it boosted image processing speeds and built-in video memory from 16Mbits to 32Mbits with the new controller. Read More

  • TRON controllers will be available for purchase

    Rejoice user! Devin won’t be keeling over from auto-erotic asphyxiation after all. The TRON controllers that he saw at E3 and threatened to hold his breath over? Well, they are going to be for sale. To be honest, I haven’t considered replacing my stock Xbox 360 controllers until this point, but now I’m afraid I have no choice. Read More

  • Wii Classic Pro controller showing up at GameStop

    Here’s some retro gaming goodness, GameStop has all but confirmed the White Classic Controller Pro for the Wii, with a ship date of April 1st. This is of course patterned off of the GameCube controller and has been clamored for by gamers ever since the Wii came out. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. Read More

  • Puyocon: Ball-shaped, squeezable input interface (videos)

    The Puyocon wants to be for PCs what the Wiimote became for game consoles: An alternative input interface that doesn’t require pressing buttons but arm movements from users in order to control what’s going on on the screen. The small device is the brainchild of the so-called Entertainment Computing Laboratory [JP] at Japan’s Tsukuba University. The Puyocon is a ball-shaped… Read More

  • T-Freestyle NW snowboarding controller coming to Wii

    So you live in Kansas, and you want to learn how to snowboard before that big trip to the mountains. What do you do? Well, you can always wait to get up the hill to buy some lessons, or you can pick up a Thrustmaster T-Freestyle NW controller, and you’ll be carving down a half-pipe in no time. Read More

  • Old-timey grenade-shaped Atari controller brings us back

    If the action couldn’t happen on screen then it surely could happen off screen. This odd, made-in-Denmark controller was called the Terminator and was shaped like a very realistic grenade – complete with pin. I remember the old style “stick” controllers with the triangular head so I guess this is similar. You’d hold this in your hand and move the top with your thumb. Read More

  • Akai unleashes the APC40 for Ableton Live

    It’s hard to find good controllers for Ableton Live. The APC40 from Akai Pro could change that. The controller talks to Live and vice versa so you get feedback on the led rings around the knobs. That allows you to see the state of each function that is controlled. That is way too cool because setting up a midi controller with Live usually makes me have a heart attack. Read More

  • Improved XBOX 360 controller coming

    The gaming news keeps on rolling with word of an improved XBOX 360 controller. It seems the boys over at Microsoft have outfitted a larger rocker underneath the d-pad, thus improving control. The new controller looks the same as the current model so don’t expect anything from that department as the change is inside. Time will tell if many gamers will ditch their current controllers… Read More

  • Upcoming two-part controller from Sony sounds nothing like wiimote

    Sure, motion detection is in the future for games on all platforms. It was expected after the success of the Wii that there would be belated follow-ups by Microsoft and Sony (we won’t count the Sixaxis). Of course, they will say how they’ve been thinking of it all along, and their approach is totally unique. I wonder if Sony is even going to try the usual lines when it comes out… Read More

  • Shady 360 controller mod enables programmable actions

    Macros and scripts have been a part of gaming since Doom, at the very latest Quake (probably waaay earlier, I’m pretty ignorant), when the console and "bind" commands made their debut. For the best examples of scripts, see the insane game wizards at Quake Done Quick. Now imagine those types of lightning-quick actions applied to a game of Halo or Gears. This mod allows for that… Read More

  • Sweet arcade stick for the Wii – time to get your Samurai Shodown on!

    Having trouble with that →↓↘SHORYUKEN? We all have these problems now and again, usually because of the fact that almost every arcade game gets played with a joystick, then gets ported to your SNES or whatever and you have to use a weak little D-pad. Nobody every won a Street Fighter competition with a D-pad, and it’s so much easier to play stuff like Metal Slug in the arcade with… Read More