• Lit Motors Introduces Cargo Scooter Kubo

    Meet Kubo, The Crowdfunded Electric Cargo Scooter Made By Lit Motors

    Lit Motors, the electric car startup that launched last year with its first vehicle called the C1, has debuted another sleek looking electricity-fueled vehicle called the Kubo. Read More

  • GM to start using green refrigerant in 2013

    The refrigerant that we use in our automobiles are some of the most environmentally unfriendly chemicals that we produce. The change to R-134a helped, but unfortunately that gas has a life of 13 years in our atmosphere, and contributes to global problems. GM announced today that they are changing to a friendlier coolant, one that doesn’t hang around and cause problems like the… Read More

  • The most ridiculous cars of CES [gallery]

    I decided to take a gander through the car audio section of the show and was met with quite possibly some of the most grandiose automobiles I have ever been within 5 feet of. Despite the purpose of these vehicles being to showcase the audio systems these companies can create, flashing lights and bright colors seemed to be the attention getting method of choice. Although, more often than not… Read More

  • Car? Kids? Get a two-pack of headrest LCDs for $130

    Dude. Sweet. I don’t have kids, let alone anyone who really ever rides in the back seat of the car but if I did, I could easily justify a $130 outlay for not one, but two (two!) replacement headrests with built-in 7-inch LCD screens. Maybe I should just get these and then always ride in the back myself while the little lady handles the driving. Read More

  • Tesla to open seven new dealerships this summer

    Looking to take a Tesla electric car for a spin, are ya? Lucky you, as the company will be opening seven sales centers this summer — four in the US and three abroad. You’ll be able to take a test drive in New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami, along with London, Monaco, and Munich. Read More

  • Storm Chasing: A look inside the TIV-2

    Jalopnik has a pretty extensive photo gallery of the second-generation Tornado Intercept Vehicle (TIV) from Discovery’s Storm Chasers series. For the uninitiated, the tank-like TIV is able to drive into the middle of tornados, allowing owner Sean Casey to film from the inside out in high definition. If you haven’t seen the show, check it out. The TIV2 weighs a staggering nine tons… Read More

  • Windshield defroster with built-in timer

    If you live in a place that gets dead-ass cold in winter, I can tell you first-hand that there’s pretty much no better way to spend $200-$300 than on a remote car starter (if you can install it yourself, it’s even cheaper). But if you don’t want to drop that much coin, there’s this thing – a battery powered windshield defroster with a timer. Read More

  • Ford's new dash HUD: very cool

    Considering the very nature of vehicular transport is changing, it stands to reason that the all-important cluster of gauges and warning lights ought to change as well. And nothing’s more versatile than an LCD screen. In Ford’s new 2010 hybrids, instead of mechanical gauges and such, you’ll be able to choose your own electronically displayed readouts, and I imagine customize… Read More

  • All-electric concept Porsche-alike: the E-Ruf

    I suppose everybody’s doing it. It’s actually strange that Porsche hasn’t net; the eventual replacement of the internal combustion engine is all but certain, and they’ve spent enough time designing the other parts of the car to not feel so bad in replacing one (albeit major) component. In the meantime, they’ll just be lending a chassis to the Ruf effort to make… Read More

  • London taxis going electrical, old sport, didn't you know?

    The iconic TX4 taxis that crowd the streets of London are going to be getting an overhaul. In the interest of reducing costs, improving air quality, and replacing the aging fleet, they’ll be introducing new TX4 E electric taxis starting in early 2009. I think we can all agree that the air in London could use a bit of scrubbing; maybe they could mount big filters on the tops of these… Read More

  • Remote-controlled hand gesture sign is seven gestures of electro-luminescent awesomeness

    If this thing doesn’t make Time’s Best Inventions Of The Year list, I’m gonna burn this place to the ground. It’s right up there with the worms-to-ex-girlfriends pill from Brain Candy ("This is a drug… for the world… to give worms to ex-girlfriends.") except without all the nasty side effects. This is a sign… for your car… that gives… Read More

  • CrunchGear's own John "Sensible" Biggs makes the "What Do The Top Bloggers Drive?" list

    I’ve known John for a long, long time (7 months online, first met in real life in October) and he’s, refreshingly, not a very flashy person in light of what he’s accomplished as a seasoned blogger. Sure, he wore a suit around on the first day of CES this year but he proceeded to sit on the floor of the press room, getting cookie crumbs and a lonely meatball all over his pants. Read More

  • Chicago being sued for automobile cell phone ban

    An attorney who’s sued the city of Chicago over 100 times is at it again. This time he wants the city to stop ticketing people for talking on their cell phones while driving and he wants anyone who’s been ticketed to be paid back. The case may have legs, too. Read More

  • Unwired Vehicles UVIA M100: Ultimate Back-Seat Entertainment System?

    There’s some fun stuff coming out of the 2006 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show today, but this UVIA M100 mobile infotainment device from Unwired Vehicles is one of the sweetest. The box uses EV-DO mobile broadband from Verizon or Sprint to deliver rear-seat passengers in your vehicle a selection of entertainment apps along with broadband Internet access so you… Read More