Remote-controlled hand gesture sign is seven gestures of electro-luminescent awesomeness

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If this thing doesn’t make Time’s Best Inventions Of The Year list, I’m gonna burn this place to the ground. It’s right up there with the worms-to-ex-girlfriends pill from Brain Candy ("This is a drug… for the world… to give worms to ex-girlfriends.") except without all the nasty side effects.

This is a sign… for your car… that gives other cars the finger. There’s also a remote control that allows you to display one of six other, somewhat less aggressive hand gestures: the fist, the peace sign, the hook-em horns, the heavy metal horns, the finger, the number one, and the hang ten brah. So what would you expect to pay for such a magnificent device? Try just $40. Yeah, I know!

“The Hand” R/C Window Sign [Perpetual Kid via OhGizmo!]

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