CrunchGear's own John "Sensible" Biggs makes the "What Do The Top Bloggers Drive?" list


I’ve known John for a long, long time (7 months online, first met in real life in October) and he’s, refreshingly, not a very flashy person in light of what he’s accomplished as a seasoned blogger. Sure, he wore a suit around on the first day of CES this year but he proceeded to sit on the floor of the press room, getting cookie crumbs and a lonely meatball all over his pants. That kind of stuff makes him, what we call, “accessible.”

Anyway, he joins a list of top bloggers and the extravagant-to-sensible rigs they drive over on David Pitlyuk’s site. Go on and give it a look-see.

What Do The Top Bloggers Drive? [David Pitlyuk]