Car? Kids? Get a two-pack of headrest LCDs for $130


Dude. Sweet. I don’t have kids, let alone anyone who really ever rides in the back seat of the car but if I did, I could easily justify a $130 outlay for not one, but two (two!) replacement headrests with built-in 7-inch LCD screens. Maybe I should just get these and then always ride in the back myself while the little lady handles the driving.

You get the following: two-pack of black leather headrests with built-in 7-inch LCDs (480×234 resolution), PAL and NTSC compatibility, two-channel input for watching two separate videos, and power consumption of just five watts. I’d have no idea how to install these things but I’m willing to bet there are a few of you who’d have no problem with such a project.

Available at — you can get free shipping by using promo code FREESHIP at checkout.

7″ TFT LCD Color Monitor Car Headrest 2-Pack w/Remotes (Blk) []