All-electric concept Porsche-alike: the E-Ruf

I suppose everybody’s doing it. It’s actually strange that Porsche hasn’t net; the eventual replacement of the internal combustion engine is all but certain, and they’ve spent enough time designing the other parts of the car to not feel so bad in replacing one (albeit major) component. In the meantime, they’ll just be lending a chassis to the Ruf effort to make an EV.

The E-Ruf is still a concept, but it is drivable, as the “concept” part of the car is the engine and drivetrain, not the body. It’s pretty powerful, although the nearly 500 lb-ft of torque are offset by the incredible weight of the thing: do even Cayennes weigh 4200 lbs? They’re aiming for 0-60 in under 6 seconds, and a top speed around 160mph — not quite a Tesla Roadster, but then neither one is quite real yet. Clicka de link for more pics.