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Jay Donovan
By night, Jay writes for TechCrunch and has been contributing to the blog since 2009. By day, he is Associate Director of Strategy for the digital agency Resource/Ammirati. You can reach him at jay at techcrunch dot com. CrunchBase profile →

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  • Gift Guide Review: Golla’s Carter Sling Camera Bag

    Gift Guide Review: Golla’s Carter Sling Camera Bag

    My first encounter with Golla bags happened at the Mobile World Congress in 2012. Their vibrant display at the event was hard to ignore. Even now, it’s hard to ignore the breadth of designs and options they give you for protecting and toting your personal gear. They sent over their Carter Large Pro Sling Camera Bag for review and I must say there is a lot to like about it. Read More

  • LaunchGram Adds TV Shows To Their Alerts Service

    LaunchGram Adds TV Shows To Their Alerts Service

    LaunchGram is an alert service that allows consumers to subscribe to news about imminently launching products. After doing so, they receive email alerts and breaking news about those products. We first  told you about the service back in April. At the time they only let you subscribe to breaking news about video games, electronics, cars and movies but now TV shows are on their list of… Read More

  • PaeDae Launches White-Label Gaming Prize Network

    PaeDae Launches White-Label Gaming Prize Network

    Santa Monica company PaeDae launches its new prize network for online and mobile game developers today. The best way to describe how the network works is: “It’s like a white-labeled version of Kiip, but it also includes virtual rewards too.” So this means that, like Kiip, gamers are rewarded for successful game play and are given offers for items when they complete certain… Read More

  • New Startup OffersBy.Me Changes The Coupon Paradigm

    Is OffersBy.Me Better Than Groupon? Probably (Especially If You Are A Business)

    What is OffersBy.me? It’s a new website/app offering discounts for goods and services. And although it is currently only serving up offers in the company’s hometown of Columbus, OH (expansion is planned) it has some cool features that set it apart from behemoths like Groupon or LivingSocial. OffersBy.me lets customers offer up how much they are willing to spend for a particular good… Read More

  • Metaio’s New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1,000 Feet

    Metaio’s New SDK Allows SLAM Mapping From 1,000 Feet

    Munich-based augmented reality pioneers Metaio announce today a whole slew of new products. These include:
    • A new SDK – powered by a new Augmented Reality Experience Language (AREL) • An update to Metaio Creator (their AR desktop publishing tool for non-technical users) • Advanced camera technologies like continuous visual search and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and… Read More

  • TechTomorrow Startup Showcase

    Beverage Carts and MorphCards At The TechTomorrow Startup Showcase (Video)

    I’ll stop by any startup showcase I can, but it’s always a bonus when it happens to be local. Last week’s TechTomorrow showcase, sponsored by TechColumbus saw nearly 50 regional startups show off the results of their hard work – here are just a few ideas and demos present at the event worth mentioning. Read More

  • Slash Talks With Us About His Guitar App – AmpliTube Slash

    Slash Talks With Us About His Guitar App – AmpliTube Slash

    Recently, I took a look at IK Multimedia’s iRig STOMP digital stomp box. In order to test it out, I used AmpliTube Slash — a version of the same company’s amp modeling app that’s based on the Marshall amp sounds of Slash (you know…Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators). The app sounded quite good, so I inquired if… Read More

  • The Amico Bracelet: Restoring A Little Mystery To Meeting People

    The Amico Bracelet: Restoring A Little Mystery To Meeting People

    Do you remember life before the Internet? Can you recall a time when meeting someone new took place serendipitously and was uncluttered with all the profile searching and stalking? A time when there was a little mystery in taking weeks or months to uncover the contents of a new friend’s music collection? A time where, when you did meet someone interesting, you didn’t have every bit… Read More

  • Hop.in Launches Gesture-Based Sharing App

    Hop.in Launches Gesture-Based Sharing App

    The first thing I asked Andres Godoy and José Daire about their new app called Hop.in — launching this week at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco — was “isn’t this just like Pinterest?” Andres was quick to note that the point of the app is not as much about the content as it is about the gesture-based controls that make sharing or logging the content a breeze. Read More

  • Machina Wearable MIDI Controller

    Machina MIDI Jacket: Sound, Movement and Fashion

    Machina is a menswear clothing brand that is in the process of mounting a Kickstarter campaign to promote a new product. The campaign doesn’t start for about a month, but the company has a demo version of its unique “wearable” MIDI controller live on the floor of TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this week. The Machina MIDI Jacket will come in a couple of different… Read More

  • guestHub Helps Identify Brand Campaign Influencers

    guestHub Helps Identify Brand Campaign Influencers

    I didn’t think that I would travel 2,400 miles to attend and help cover TechCrunch Disrupt, only to run into a startup from my home town of Columbus, OH, but lo and behold — it happened. guestHub, are here at Disrupt, showing off their new platform for identifying conversion-driven influencers as they pertain to marketing event and campaigns. It officially launches today. Read More

  • The iRig STOMP Ships

    The iRig STOMP Ships

    IK Multimedia’s iRig STOMP pedal interface for iOS is now officially available. I should also mention that approaching this official launch, I’ve been playing with the iRig STOMP for a week or so, (coupled with the iPad version of AmpliTube Slash), and the pedal is a real gas. It’s a really great little piece of hardware. Read More

  • The Zaphat Can Turn You Into A Zombie…Sorta

    The Zaphat Can Turn You Into A Zombie…Sorta

    Here’s an interesting approach to Augmented Reality marketing: turn hats into Zombie heads. The Zaphat (pronounced like Zap Hat, not Zafat) is a new line of fashion apparel where the logo on the accoutrement acts as the target for an iOS/Android app that uses Augmented Reality to transform the wearer into an avatar of their choice. In other words, when you wear a special hat, people… Read More

  • ICache Geode Demo And Field Test

    Testing The iCache Geode Mobile Wallet, A Card That Clones Your Credit Cards

    I have to admit, when I first heard about the Kickstarter project for the iCache Geode Mobile Wallet I thought to myself  “yeah right…good luck with that.” The process seemed unlikely to me. First of all, how are the card networks ever going to let someone temporarily “clone” their cards onto another dynamic card? Secondly, how fast could the process work? Read More

  • Wifarer Brings Indoor Navigation To The Royal BC Museum

    Wifarer Brings Indoor Navigation To The Royal BC Museum

    Indoor positioning systems are on the rise and are meeting a service void for consumers. I don’t know about you, but I constantly use outdoor mapping apps for all variety of location needs. However when I step into a mall or museum or campus building, I can sometimes be left hanging, so to speak, with regard to my location. That might be on its way to becoming a thing of the… Read More

  • Meridian Indoor Navigation Adds Las Vegas Hotels To Client Roster

    Meridian Indoor Navigation Adds Las Vegas Hotels To Client Roster

    Starting today, the Venetian-Palazzo Casino and Hotel (owned by The Las Vegas Sands Corp.) is beginning to employ an app technology by Meridian as their indoor navigation service of choice in order to help you get around their casino more efficiently. This new “wayfinding” technology will reside in the resort’s new app called VP Pocket Concierge. I first covered Meridian back… Read More

  • Interviews From Startup Weekend Columbus

    Startup Weekend Columbus: An Empire Is Born

    As I sit here with 75% of my laptop battery left, drenched in sweat, in a totally dark house, recapping my first Startup Weekend experience — unfortunately I am one of the last of the 500,000 central Ohioans affected by power outages due to last weekend’s storms — I realize that I love the Startup Weekend concept. That concept, which we have covered before on several… Read More

  • Qualcomm Vuforia Augmented Reality Demo

    Qualcomm Extends Vuforia Augmented Reality Platform To The Cloud (Video)

    Qualcomm announced an upgrade to their Vuforia Augmented Reality platform on Wednesday. Vuforia is a platform that focuses on using images as the “targets” to launch an AR experience, rather than requiring consumers to scan QR codes or other glyphs. So instead of scanning a barcode, you just scan a specific picture to start the AR experience on your mobile phone or tablet (it… Read More

  • Cannon.Fm Launches

    Cannon.fm Launches Local Music Streaming Radio App

    In an attempt to watch their development, I’ve been keeping tabs on a small Columbus OH startup called Cannon.fm. I first talked with them several weeks ago before their product launch, and have been interviewing them occasionally, to see how they are adapting, changing, improving, revising their business model and product. That product — a streaming radio iOS app called Cannon.fm… Read More

  • Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Gets An Update

    Junaio Augmented Reality Browser Gets A UI Makeover (Video)

    When it comes to Augmented Reality browsers on mobile devices, I always particularly liked Junaio (just one of the many AR tools created and maintained by Munich-based company Metaio). It’s an especially appealing option since it’s quite powerful, and has many, many content channels to choose from (a good side effect of their successful developer outreach – they have over… Read More