TaDaweb Lets You Create ‘Small Data’ Mashups Without Writing A Single Line Of Code

There is much talk about “Big Data” and the power it can provide. But with Big Data can come Big Prices associated with the cost and complexity of wrangling all that information.

According to TaDaweb — a company displaying this week at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 — the data many businesses are trying to analyze is simple and the results being searched for are known. It’s Small Data. Therefore it may not require the organizing of so much data to get the insights required.

With that in mind, the best way I can think of describing how TaDaweb’s service works is to think of it as mashup creator that lets non-technical business personnel target public data feeds from which they want to extract very specific, but constantly changing data. There is a graphical interface to accomplish this, meaning that technical knowledge is not needed to make the mashups. “It’s kind of like if Pinterest and Yahoo Pipes had a child,” the CEO Francois Gaspard said.

The business example that Gaspard gave me regarding the use of this service was that of a company monitoring the changing prices of competitors’ services. Using TaDaweb, one business could highlight the public pricing listed at the websites of competitors and that info is extracted and pulled into a report of sorts — called a TaDa — that can be monitored or shared.

Another example was — appropriately for this event — creating profiles of speakers by extracting multiple data sources about each speaker (CrunchBase, Twitter, Google Search) to create profiles of relevant, timely info about each speaker.


The benefit, according to TaDaweb, is that their service offers an automated way for non-technical users to generate reports or data views that are dynamic and relevant, due to the real-time nature of their content. The flexibility of being able to target multiple data sources already out on the web with their GUI is also key to their strategy.

The service is currently free, with pricing modules coming soon