Correlated Magnetics Research Brings MaxField Polymagnets To A Wall Near You

We first told you about Correlated Magnetics Research’s programmable magnets last year. The company’s patented technology allows them to flexibly control the magnetic field shape of the magnets they create.

In essence, the company can program the north/south polarity of the magnets as though they are “printing” it on them. It allows for many different configurations and has many industrial applications.

But what are the consumer uses for this kind of technology? We caught a demo at the tail end of SXSW 2014 showing one such scenario — hanging pictures on a wall.

A noted, CMR’s patents let them control north/south magnetic patterns, but they can also control the strength of the magnet in a way that allows it to cling very strongly to very thin metals — as thin as a coat of paint with metal flecks in it.

Now, you may have seen the countless Pinterest images out there of children’s nurseries covered with metallic paint that will allow alphabet magnets to stick to the wall. That’s nothing new, however, according to Stephen Straus, VP of Commercialization and Strategy at Correlated Magnetics Research, typical consumer magnets will not stick very well. Definitely not well enough to hold up anything with any kind of mass.

Enter CMR’s MaxField Polymagnets solution which can allow objects weighing many pounds to cling to walls with surprising strength.

Currently available at the company are planning to bring these programmable magnets to more retailers in the future.